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    Two nonmetals, hydrogen and helium, make up about 99% of ordinary matter in the observable universe by mass. Five nonmetallic elements, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and silicon, largely make up the Earth's crust, atmosphere, oceans and biosphere . Most nonmetals have biological, technological or domestic roles or uses.

  2. A non-metal is a good insulator for heat and cold. Usually, gases or brittle solids are non-metals. Elements on the periodic table can be classified as metal, semimetal, or non-metal. Five times more elements are metals than nonmetals. However, nonmetals are abundant and important.

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  4. A nonmetal is a chemical element that is not a metal or a metalloid. Simplicity itself. But because of the ambiguity with metallois I would prefer something like this: A nonmetal is a chemical element which does not have the properties common to metals. There is no commonly accepted definition of nonmetal. But everyone agrees that they are not ...

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    Nonmetals or non-metals are chemical elements which do not have the properties of a metal.

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    I-Nonmetal okanye i-non-metal yi-chemical element engenazimpawu za-nkcenkce. Isenokuba zii-gases okanye ibe zizinto ezingabonakali ngathi ziyinkcenkce. Imizekelo yezinto ezi-gaseous nazi: i-hydrogen, i-helium, i-oxygen, i-nitrogen, i-fluorine, i-neon, okanye i-radon, zezimbalwa esizibizileyo apha. Umzekelo we-solid eyi-nonmetal yi-sulfur ...

  7. Un non-métal est un élément chimique dont les atomes du corps simple sont unis par des liaisons covalentes ou des liaisons intermoléculaires, et non par des liaisons métalliques.

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