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  1. Ang Hilagang Amerika (Ingles: North America) ay isang kontinente sa Hilagang Emisperyo ng Daigdig at halos na nasa Kanlurang Emisperyo.Napapaligiran ito ng Karagatang Artiko sa hilaga, Hilagang Karagatang Atlantiko sa silangan, Dagat Caribbean sa timog-silangan, at Hilagang Karagatang Pasipiko sa timog at kanluran.

    • 24,709,000 km² (9,540,000 sq mi)
    • 23
    • 22.9/km² (59.3/sq mi)
    • 528,720,588 (Hulyo 2008 est.)
  2. North America is the fourth most populous continent after Asia, Africa, and Europe. Its most populous country is the United States with 329.7 million persons. The second largest country is Mexico with a population of 112.3 million. Canada is the third most populous country with 37.0 million.

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  4. Filipino sailors were the first Asians in North America. The first documented presence of Filipinos in what is now the United States dates back to October 1587 around Morro Bay, California, with the first permanent settlement in Louisiana in 1763, the settlers there were called "Manilamen" and they served in the Battle of New Orleans during the closing stages War of 1812, after the Treaty of ...

    • 1,474,707
    • 139,090
    • 342,095
    • 137,713
  5. History of North America encompasses the past developments of people populating the continent of North America.While it was widely believed that continent first became a human habitat when people migrated across the Bering Sea 40,000 to 17,000 years ago, recent discoveries may have pushed those estimates back at least another 90,000 years.

  6. The United States of America (U.S.A. or USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or America, is a country primarily located in North America.It consists of 50 states, a federal district, five major unincorporated territories, 326 Indian reservations, and some minor possessions.

  7. North America has a population of around 371 million and is the 4th most populous continent in the world. Hundreds of millions of years ago, North America was part of a larger ancient supercontinent named Laurasia. A few million years ago, a new land bridge arose and connected North America to South America.

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