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  1. The North Germanic languages are national languages in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, whereas the non-Germanic Finnish is spoken by the majority in Finland. In inter-Nordic contexts, texts are today often presented in three versions: Finnish, Icelandic, and one of the three languages Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. [19]

  2. High Alemannic German, including Zürich German and Bernese German Highest Alemannic German, including the Bernese Oberland dialects and Walliser German Bavarian Northern Bavarian (including Nuremberg) Central Bavarian (including Munich and Vienna) Southern Bavarian (including Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, and Bolzano, Italy) Mócheno Cimbrian

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  4. The Germanic languages are a group of Indo-European languages. They came from one language, Proto-Germanic, which was first spoken in Scandinavia in the Iron Age. Today, the Germanic languages are spoken by around 515 million people as a first language. [1] English is the most spoken Germanic language, with 360-400 million native speakers. [2]

  5. Nov 18, 2022 · North Germanic languages at Wikipedia Texts and sound samples in Glǽmscrafu Gylfaginning text with the Dwarf names (section 16 and below) Voluspa text with the Dwarf names (section 9 and below) Category: Languages (real-world)

  6. The Germanic languages include some 58 (SIL estimate) languages and dialects that originated in Europe; this language family is a part of the List of Indo-European languages Indo-European language family. Each subfamily in this list contains subgroups and individual languages. The standard division of Germanic is into three branches, East Germanic languages North Germanic languages West ...

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