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      • Currency Alphabetic code Numeric code Symbol Subdivision; Cambodia: Riel: KHR: 116: CR: 100 sen: Cameroon: CFA Franc BEAC: XAF: 950: CFAF: 100 centimes: Canada: Canadian Dollar: CAD: 124: Can$ 100 cents: Cape Verde: Cape Verde Escudo: CVE: 132: C.V.Esc. 100 centavos: Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands Dollar: KYD: 136: CI$ 100 cents: Central African Republic: CFA Franc BEAC: XAF: 950: CFAF: 100 centimes: Chad
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  2. ISO 4217 - Wikipedia › wiki › ISO_4217

    The numeric code assigned to a currency by ISO 4217 is usually the same as the numeric code assigned to the corresponding country by ISO 3166-1. For example, USD (United States dollar) has numeric code 840 which is also the numeric code for the US (United States). Minor units of currency

  3. ISO - ISO 4217 — Currency codes › iso-4217-currency-codes

    Where possible, the three-digit numeric code is the same as the numeric country code. For currencies having minor units, ISO 4217:2015 also shows the relationship between the minor unit and the currency itself (i.e. whether it divides into 100 or 1000).

  4. CALCULLA - Table of ISO 4217 currency codes › currency_numeric_codes

    list of countries where a given currency is used (e.g. american dollar is used in United States). In addition to the real currencies used by countries, the ISO 4217 standard contains several special codes not related to any physical currency.

  5. International Currencies and Currency Codes - Nations Online ... › oneworld › currencies

    Definition: Currency, is a system of money in general use in a particular country at a specific time. Below you will find a list of money in use for each country around the world, as well as the corresponding three-character alphabetic, and the three-digit numeric ISO 4217 code for each currency.

  6. ISO Currency Codes by Country C-F: Numeric, Alphabetic, Symbol › additional-info › currencies-codes-c-f

    Country Currency Alphabetic code Numeric code Symbol Subdivision; Cambodia: Riel: KHR: 116: CR: 100 sen: Cameroon: CFA Franc BEAC: XAF: 950: CFAF: 100 centimes

  7. ISO Standard Currency Codes CURRENCY CODES › library › documentation

    ISO Standard Currency Codes|February 2019 1 ISO Standard Currency Codes CURRENCY CODES Note Not all currencies are supported for all processors. Currency Code Currency Name Decimal Places AED United Arab Emirates dirham 2 AFN Afghanistan afghani 2 AMD Armenian dram 2 ANG Netherlands Antillean guilder 2 AOA Angola kwanza 2 ARS Argentine peso 2

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  8. Currency Codes › codes

    Currency Server uses ISO 4217 currency codes for internal storage, in the COM and Web service interfaces, and when collecting information from certain exchange rate data sources. Reference The following table includes a selection of currency names and abbreviations maintained by Cloanto as part of its Currency World Monitor service.

    Currency Name
    Afghanistan afghani
    Albanian lek
    Algerian dinar
    Angolan kwanza reajustado
  9. World Currency Symbols: Names, Symbols and Codes › education › currencies

    Digital Code – the three-digit numeric code for the currency assigned by the ISO 3166-1 numeric standard. Usually, the numeric code of the currency matches the code of the country. Digital codes were developed to meet the demands of the countries with non-latin alphabets. Name – the official name of the currency.

    Digital code
    UAE Dirham
    Armenian Dram
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