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  1. Le Nunavut (en syllabaire inuktitut : ᓄᓇᕗᑦ, / ˈ n u. n a. v u t /, signifiant « notre terre ») est le plus vaste, et le plus septentrional des territoires du Canada. Il a été séparé des Territoires du Nord-Ouest , le 1 er avril 1999 , par la Loi sur le Nunavut , qui fournit aux Inuits un gouvernement autonome.

  2. Resolute or Resolute Bay (Inuktitut: ᖃᐅᓱᐃᑦᑐᖅ, romanized: Qausuittuq, lit. 'place with no dawn') is an Inuit hamlet on Cornwallis Island in Nunavut, Canada.It is situated at the northern end of Resolute Bay and the Northwest Passage and is part of the Qikiqtaaluk Region.

  3. Eureka is a small research base on Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island, Qikiqtaaluk Region, in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. It is located on the north side of Slidre Fiord, which enters Eureka Sound farther west. It is the third-northernmost permanent research community in the world.

  4. Cambridge Bay (Inuinnaqtun: Iqaluktuuttiaq Inuktitut: ᐃᖃᓗᒃᑑᑦᑎᐊᖅ; 2016 population 1,766; population centre 1,619) is a hamlet located on Victoria Island in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, Canada.

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    Arctic Bay (Inuktitut syllabics: ᐃᒃᐱᐊᕐᔪᒃ, Ikpiarjuk "the pocket") is an Inuit hamlet located in the northern part of the Borden Peninsula on Baffin Island in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada.

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    In the 2021 Canadian census conducted by Statistics Canada, Igloolik had a population of 2,049 living in 394 of its 468 total private dwellings, a change of 2 (40.49 sq mi), it had a population density of 19.5/km 2 (50.6/sq mi) in 2021.. Environmental concerns. Sunset in Igloolik. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation interviewed people from the region in April 2008, about their concerns over ...

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    Kugluktuk (Qurluktuk, lit. '"the place of moving water"'; Inuktitut syllabics: ᖁᕐᓗᖅᑐᖅ; Inuktitut pronunciation: ), formerly known as Coppermine until 1 January 1996, is a hamlet located at the mouth of the Coppermine River in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut, Canada, on Coronation Gulf, southwest of Victoria Island.

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