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  1. Merits of Parliamentary System 1. Harmony between legislature & executive 2. Responsible government –Ministers to parliament 3. Prevents individual despotism –authority to group of individuals 4. Chance for alternative government –without elections 5. Wide representation –all sections/regions Demerits of Parliamentary System 1.

  2. understood that parliamentary systems foster stronger political parties, more centralized and party-aligned interest groups, a more centralized decision-making process, and more centralized and hierarchical administrative structures. These differences are aptly, if somewhat ambiguously, summarized by the concept of veto points (Tsebelis 1995).

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    The Theory of parliamentary system There are four things involved in the system of parliamentary democracy. First is the Parliament of elected representative candidates. The second is a system of Parties, each reflecting some general trend of thought pervading all the society-which will

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  5. Parliamentary System The Constitution of India provides for a parliamentary form of government, both at the Centre and in the states. Articles 74 and 75 deal with the parliamentary system at the Centre and Articles 163 and 164 in the states. Modern democratic governments are classified into parliamentary and presidential on the

  6. Basic principles that are common to democracies include a separation of powers, a constitution, rule of law, free elections and multiple political parties. Although a parliamentary system includes Related Ads these things, there are specific characteristics that set it apart from Government other democracies.

  7. parliamentary and presidential democracies is one of number and not of quality. • We also know that, contrary to one strongly held belief, presidential regimes are not incompatible with multiparty systems. They actually are at higher risk of collapsing into an authoritarian regime when there is a moderate number of parties. Moreover,

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