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  1. The Parliament of Georgia is the country's supreme representative body which effects legislative authority, determines the main directions of the country's home and foreign policy, controls the activity of the Government within limits defined by the Constitution and exercises other rights. [4] The Parliament of Georgia is a unicameral legislature.

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  2. A parliamentary system or parliamentary democracy is a system of democratic governance of a state (or subordinate entity) where the executive derives its democratic legitimacy from its ability to command the support ("confidence") of the legislature, typically a parliament, to which it is accountable.

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  4. Politics in Georgia involve a parliamentary representative democratic republic with a multi-party system. The President of Georgia is the ceremonial head of state and the Prime Minister of Georgia is the head of government. [1] [2] The Prime Minister and the Government wield executive power.

  5. Parliament of Georgia (country) Building of Parliament, Tbilisi, 2021 The Parliament of the Republic of Georgia is the representative body of the Georgia, the only state legislative authority, being a unicameral. It is made up of 150 elected deputies on lists, for a period of 4 years. Parliament is elected by universal vote.

  6. Map of the historical and geographical provinces of Georgia (provinces outside the borders of modern Georgia are indicated in italics). Regions ( mkhare ) were established by presidential decrees from 1994 to 1996, on a provisional basis until the secessionist conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia are resolved.

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  7. Georgia is a mountainous country situated almost entirely in the South Caucasus, while some slivers of the country are situated north of the Caucasus Watershed in the North Caucasus. [217] [218] The country lies between latitudes 41° and 44° N, and longitudes 40° and 47° E, with an area of 67,900 km 2 (26,216 sq mi).

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