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    How do you diagnose a PCL injury?

    Do you need surgery for a PCL injury?

    What does PCL stand for in knee?

    Do you need a PCL ligament in your knee?

  2. Jul 25, 2022 · Treatment of a PCL Tear . Treatment of PCL tears is controversial, and, unlike the treatment of an ACL tear, there is little agreement about the optimal treatment for all patients.   Initial treatment of the pain and swelling consists of the use of crutches, ice, and elevation.

    • Orthopedic Surgeon
    • Crutches. Your healthcare provider may recommend using crutches to limit how much weight you put on your knee.
    • Knee brace. Bracing your knee can address instability — a common PCL symptom.
    • Physical therapy. Certain exercises can help strengthen and stabilize your knee.
    • Surgery. If your PCL injury is severe, surgery...
  3. This means during these exercises the whole knee comes into play with the PCL being a supportive stabilizer. If you sit on a table or chair with your feet dangling off the floor. You cross your ankles with the “good knee” on top... FORWARD LUNGE and SQUATS. The odd behavior of the PCL is seen in ...

  4. posterior cruciate ligament injury treatment is nonoperative for most grade I and II (isolated) PCL injuries, these include: Protected weight bearing, Rehabilitation: PCL tear physical therapy should focus on strengthening the knee extensors. Patients treated...

  5. Types of PCL injury treatment. Orthopaedic experts at UPMC offer both nonsurgical and surgical treatments for PCL injuries. If you have not completely torn your PCL or experience a strain or minor sprain, nonsurgical methods can be very effective in managing this injury. Common nonsurgical techniques for PCL injuries include: Reducing activity; Icing the knee

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