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    Verbal Deception. 3,471 listeners. Verbal Deception is a pirate metal band that formed in Calgary, Canada in November 2002. Original members, Kresho Klarich (guitar and vocals), and….

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    • Alestorm. There simply is no competition for Alestorm when it comes to pirate metal. They are unbelievably fun, creative and exciting. While I'm a huge fan of their music, it's not the only reason they are one of my favorite bands.
    • Running Wild. Legendary power metal band Running Wild haven't completely stuck to the pirate metal style throughout their discography. However, their pirate metal is some of the best you'll find.
    • Lagerstein. This folk/power metal group takes the silliness and party-hard vibe of pirate lifestyle to an extreme degree. It's essentially what would happen if Jack Sparrow formed a metal band.
    • Swashbuckle. Swashbuckle is a death/thrash metal band from New Jersey with a strong influence from folk metal. The more violent side of the pirate life is expressed here, and while the vocals aren't exactly the best I've ever heard, this band is still quite an enjoyable listen.
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    Pirate Metal is a tag applied to the Heavy metal bands who feature Pirate theme in their lyrics and music. Pirate metal tag does not imply pirate-themed bands form a genre. Nevertheless, most of them usually play a sort of Folk metal and/or Power metal.

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    Jul 19, 2021 · The amount of musical genres that exist can get a tad on the ridiculous side…. But, Pirate Metal isn’t ridiculous at all! Here is a list of 10 pirate metal bands to get your stumps tapping too! (In no particular order… ’cause we are pirates ourselves.) Aharrr me hearties! 10. Alestorm (Scotland) 9. Lagerstein (Brisbane, Australia) 8.

    • Matt Bolton
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    • Alestorm. The most popular of the pirate metal genre, Alestorm has achieved accolades and reached sales no other band on this list has. The Scottish group's fourth album Sunset on the Golden Age even reached No. 1 on the UK Rock Chart - a huge accomplishment for such a niche genre.
    • Swashbuckle. By far the heaviest band on this list, Swashbuckle's pirate-themed thrash metal is equal parts fun as it is punishing. The New Jersey natives are signed to legendary Nuclear Blast Records and are known for their incredibly fun live performances.
    • The Dread Crew Of Oddwood. The Dread Crew of Oddwood is an all-acoustic band who call their music "Heavy Mahogany." Probably the closest to what a pirate would actually listen to, the group garnered buzz after performing at various renaissance faires around the country.
    • Lagerstein. Lagerstein live up to their name and take the partying lifestyle of a pirate to the extreme. With songs like "Raise Your Steins," "Drink the Rum," "Fountain of Rum," and an album titled All For Rum & Rum For All you get what this pirate/folk metal band is all about - binge drinking.
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  7. Lagerstein - Australian Pirate Metal Band. All the latest news, tour dates, music, videos, merchandise and more.

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    Sep 19, 2019 · Napalm Records have not one, but two pirate metal bands on their roster: the aforementioned icons Alestorm, and the Scottish quartet Rumahoy, who combine their labelmates’ jig obsession with Swashbuckle’s gruff vocals. The latter’s embrace of all things pirate-y knows no bounds; their catalog includes a song called “Netflix and Yarr,” for crying out loud.

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    The earliest example of pirate metal appeared in 1987, when German heavy metal band Running Wild released their third album, Under Jolly Roger. According to Rolf Kasparek, lead singer and guitarist for Running Wild, the album's pirate theme was not planned. Instead, it grew from the album's title song.

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    Soaring through the seven skies, Lagerstein are a pirate band on a voyage to rock stages, create catchy music and have the best time, all the time. Upon the shores of Queensland Australia a group of young friends with a passion for partying, living the good life, and making heavy music decided to form a crew, and the band was born.

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