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    Pirate metal is a style of heavy metal music [1] [2] [3] characterized by its incorporation of pirate mythology within the music and sometimes in stage performances. Lyrics often use piratical jargon [1] and various musical genres, such as thrash metal, [4] speed metal, [1] and folk metal, [5] may be combined with traditional-sounding songs ...

  2. O pirate metal é un subxénero do heavy metal no que os grupos se caracterizan por incorporar mitoloxía pirata na música e na estética das actuacións. As letras das cancións adoitan conter xerga pirata e a música combina varios xéneros como o thrash metal, o speed metal, e o folk metal con cantos mariñeiros tradicionais. É habitual ...

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    • Alestorm. The most popular of the pirate metal genre, Alestorm has achieved accolades and reached sales no other band on this list has. The Scottish group's fourth album Sunset on the Golden Age even reached No. 1 on the UK Rock Chart - a huge accomplishment for such a niche genre.
    • Swashbuckle. By far the heaviest band on this list, Swashbuckle's pirate-themed thrash metal is equal parts fun as it is punishing. The New Jersey natives are signed to legendary Nuclear Blast Records and are known for their incredibly fun live performances.
    • The Dread Crew Of Oddwood. The Dread Crew of Oddwood is an all-acoustic band who call their music "Heavy Mahogany." Probably the closest to what a pirate would actually listen to, the group garnered buzz after performing at various renaissance faires around the country.
    • Lagerstein. Lagerstein live up to their name and take the partying lifestyle of a pirate to the extreme. With songs like "Raise Your Steins," "Drink the Rum," "Fountain of Rum," and an album titled All For Rum & Rum For All you get what this pirate/folk metal band is all about - binge drinking.
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    Their music is characterised by a pirate theme, and as a result, they have been dubbed a "pirate metal" band by many critics and their fanbase. The group currently consists of lead vocalist/ keytarist Christopher Bowes, bassist Gareth Murdock, drummer Peter Alcorn, keyboardist/harsh vocalist Elliot Vernon and guitarist Máté "Bobo" Bodor.

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