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  1. Prosthesis - Wikipedia › wiki › Prosthesis

    5 days ago · The custom socket is created by taking a plaster cast of the residual limb or, more commonly today, of the liner worn over their residual limb, and then making a mold from the plaster cast. The commonly used compound is called Plaster of Paris. [46]

  2. Ted Bundy - Wikipedia › wiki › Ted_Bundy

    4 days ago · These items included crutches, a bag of plaster of Paris that he admitted stealing from a medical supply house, and a meat cleaver that was never used for cooking. Additional objects included surgical gloves, an Oriental knife in a wooden case that he kept in his glove compartment, and a sack full of women's clothing. [162]

    • Chris Hagen, Kenneth Misner, Officer Roseland, Richard Burton, Rolf Miller
    • Death
  3. Cubism - Wikipedia › wiki › Cubist

    4 days ago · The term is broadly used in association with a wide variety of art produced in Paris (Montmartre and Montparnasse) or near Paris during the 1910s and throughout the 1920s. The movement was pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque , and joined by Jean Metzinger , Albert Gleizes , Robert Delaunay , Henri Le Fauconnier , Juan Gris , and Fernand Léger . [4]

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  5. Louvre - Wikipedia › wiki › Louvre

    4 days ago · The Louvre (English: / ˈ l uː v (r ə)/ LOOV(-rə)), or the Louvre Museum (French: Musée du Louvre [myze dy luvʁ] ()), is the world's largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris, France, and is best known for being the home of the Mona Lisa.

  6. World's Columbian Exposition - Wikipedia › wiki › World&

    4 days ago · The World's Columbian Exposition (the official shortened name for the World's Fair: Columbian Exposition, also known as the Chicago World's Fair) was a world's fair held in Chicago in 1893 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World in 1492.

    • 690 acres (280 hectares)
    • Historical Expo
    • Universal exposition
    • World's Columbian Exposition
  7. Danse Macabre of Hrastovlje – Hrastovlje, Slovenia - Atlas ... › places › danse-macabre-of

    6 days ago · Hidden beneath thick layers of plaster, nearly perfectly preserved medieval frescoes were discovered in 1949, covering almost every inch of the walls and ceiling of the church. The artworks were...

  8. Who was Les Dawson and who were his wife and children? – The Sun › tvandshowbiz › 6779836

    Jul 21, 2021 · His first wife, Margaret Dawson, was together with Les from 1960 until the day she died on 15 April 1986 from cancer. They had three children together, Julie, Pamela and Stuart. Three years later ...

  9. Villa dei Misteri – Pompeii, Italy - Atlas Obscura › places › villa-dei-misteri

    5 days ago · Villa dei Misteri was buried under hundreds of feet of ash and volcanic material when the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 destroyed Pompei, Herculaneum, and other nearby towns. The villa was largely ...

  10. Site of the Knickerbocker Disaster – Washington, D.C. - Atlas ... › places › site-of-the-knicker

    4 days ago · In late January of 1922, a blizzard swept through the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Over the course of three days more than two feet of snow fell over the region. Washington, D.C., was ...

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