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    The word gypsum is derived from the Greek word γύψος (gypsos), "plaster". Because the quarries of the Montmartre district of Paris have long furnished burnt gypsum (calcined gypsum) used for various purposes, this dehydrated gypsum became known as plaster of Paris. Upon adding water, after a few tens of minutes, plaster of Paris becomes regular gypsum (dihydrate) again, causing the material to harden or "set" in ways that are useful for casting and construction.

    • Massive, flat. Elongated and generally prismatic crystals
    • Prismatic (2/m), H-M symbol: (2/m)
    • 1.5–2 (defining mineral for 2)
    • Monoclinic
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    Feb 27, 2020 · So called after a large gypsum deposit at Montmartre in Paris. Noun . plaster of Paris (uncountable) A hemihydrate of calcium sulfate, made by calcining gypsum, that hardens when moistened and allowed to dry; used to make casts, molds and sculpture. Synonyms . plaster (short form) Translations

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    Etimologjia. Emri i Parisit rrjedh nga ai i banorëve të tij më të hershëm, fisi gal i njohur si Parisi. Qyteti u quajt Lutetia (më të plotë, Lutetia Parisiorum, "Lutetia e Parisii"), gjatë epokës romake nga shekulli i 1-rë në shekullin e 4-t, por gjatë sundimit të Julianit të Femohues (360-363), qyteti u riemërua Paris.

    • Flamuri i Parisit
    • Franca
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    PLASTER OF PARIS is non-flammable and non-combustible. Has generally low chemical reactivity but can act as an oxidizing agent under extreme conditions. Decomposes at high temperature to generate toxic oxides of sulfur. Reacts exothermically but slowly with moisture in the air or water to form gypsum CaSO4.2H2O.

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    P O P CEILING CONTRACTOR Specialist in all types of false ceiling Works Plaster of paris ,Gypsum Board , Arm Strong & metal ceiling Contractor shoaib sayyed Call me 8080382838 7666352872 When you call When you call, Gypsum board 12mm,Heavy channel one sft 75.00 2**Company channel patty GYPSUM board one sft 95.00 3**Local channel patty GYPSUM board one sft 60.00 4**partation3"gypsome board one ...

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    Feb 28, 2021 · Step 1, Heat 1 cup (240 ml) to 100 °F (38 °C). Warm water works best to help speed up the process. Use either a microwave or a stove to heat the water to the correct temperature.[1] X Research sourceStep 2, Combine the water with 2 cups (256 g) of flour in a mixing bowl. Pour the water over the flour as evenly as you can. Once all the water is added, start stirring the mix with a spoon or spatula.[2] X Research source If you’re worried about dried plaster sticking to your utensils, use a ...

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    BSN Medical 30-7363 Gypsona S Plaster of Paris Bandages and Splints, Extra Fast Setting, 3" x 3 yd. Size (Pack of 12) 4.5 out of 5 stars 43. $26.34 $ 26. 34 ($2.20 ...

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    a bandage stiffened with plaster of Paris, moulded to the shape of a limb that is broken and used to support and protect it.Below link is our old videos for ...

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    How to make Plaster of Paris Shape

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