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  1. Dec 01, 2022 · The presidential release is a monthly audio message from President Mark A. Riccobono that highlights the current activities of the National Federation of the Blind. It is shared with every chapter of the organization. The presidential release is typically available in English, Spanish, and as a text transcript in both languages.

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  3. 11 hours ago · The Westminster system or Westminster model is a type of parliamentary government that incorporates a series of procedures for operating a legislature. This concept was first developed in England . Key aspects of the system include an executive branch made up of members of the legislature, and that is responsible to the legislature; the ...

  4. 11 hours ago · Reagan's opponent in the 1984 presidential election was former vice president Walter Mondale. Following a weak performance in the first presidential debate, Reagan's ability to win another term was questioned. Reagan rebounded in the second debate; confronting questions about his age, he quipped: "I will not make age an issue of this campaign.

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