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    Prince Mongo Robert Hodges, more commonly known by his self-styled moniker Prince Mongo, is an American entrepreneur [1] and minor local political personality in Memphis, Tennessee, who has continuously run for Mayor of Memphis and occasionally for Mayor of Shelby County since the 1970s. He tends to be known locally for his eccentric personality.

  2. Feb 9, 2022 · Prince Mongo has been known to claim that he's a 333-year-old alien from Planet Zambodia (per the Memphis Current ), and has insisted on this in both political campaigns and hearings with the...

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    Prince Mongo Robert Hodges, better known by his self-styled moniker Prince Mongo, is a Memphis eccentric and minor political personality. He claims to be the ambassador of the planet of Zambodia and claims to be 333 years old. Hodges is famous in Memphis, where he has owned several large nightclubs.

  5. Jan 9, 2014 · Hodges, better known to Memphians as Prince Mongo, is a former nightclub owner who has run in nearly every Memphis mayoral election since 1991. Ashlar Hall is also called the Castle in Central Gardens. It is now in the hands of a new owner after Hodges turned the keys over to businessman Kenny Medlin in a quitclaim in early November.

  6. Jul 1, 2019 · Elections Back from planet Zambodia, Prince Mongo says he is serious about wanting to be next Mayor of Memphis As of Monday, 17 people say they’re interested in being the next mayor of...

  7. Apr 16, 2020 · Prince Mongo’s Castle, also known as Ashlar Hall, is a mock castle in Memphis. After Robert Brinkley Snowden graduated from Princeton in 1890, he decided to return to his hometown to design and construct his family estate. Snowden, a prominent real estate developer, completed Ashlar Hall in 1896.

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