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    What are the ten best punk rock bands?

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  2. 80s Hardcore Punk bands The Undead Sheer Terror Stormtroopers of Death The Accüsed The Teen Idles Nomeansno Judge NOFX Operation Ivy Biohazard

    • Steve Peake
    • Bad Religion. This solid, ever-reliable L.A. punk band may have gotten a later start than its forerunners (forming in 1980), but more than 30 years later the group continues to churn out driving, angry and political punk rock with the best of them.
    • Dead Kennedys. Few punk or hardcore bands left a more distinct mark on '80s pop culture than San Francisco's wonderfully acerbic Dead Kennedys, which embraced revolutionary, equal-opportunity offensiveness and controversy all the way from its name to its exhausting demise.
    • Minor Threat. Another seminal, pure hardcore outfit sprang up on the East Coast at around the same time as the Dead Kennedys, and though much shorter-lived, Minor Threat may just be the most independent rock band of all.
    • The Misfits. Serving as a highly unique and vital link between heavy metal and hardcore punk, this New Jersey band featured horror-show lyrics and a burly, intimidating frontman with pipes to match in Glenn Danzig.
  3. Dec 14, 2022 · 25 Top Punk Bands Of The 80s Dead Kennedys. Formed in San Francisco in the late 1970s, The Dead Kennedys went on to become one of the defining bands... Siouxsie and the Banshees. Siouxsie and The Banshees rode the line between punk rock and new wave/alt-rock. With lead... The Cramps. The Cramps were ...

  4. 80s Punk Artists Snuky Tate 1,693 listeners 1) Lionel White (1948-1998) -- born in Wilmington, DE and studied painting at University of Delaware. He moved to San Francisco in the early 70's… Twenty Years of Dischord 464 listeners We don't have a wiki here yet... Generics 327 listeners There are two artists by this name (see also The Generics):

  5. List of punk rock bands, 0–K This is a list of notable punk rock bands beginning with the numbers 0–9 and letters A through K. The bands listed have played some type of punk music at some point in their career, although they may have also played other styles.

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