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    Quebec City ( / kwɪˈbɛk / ( listen) or / kəˈbɛk /; [12] French: Ville de Québec ), officially Québec ( [kebɛk] ( listen) ), [13] is the capital city of the Canadian province of Quebec. As of July 2016, the city had a population of 531,902, [14] and the metropolitan area had a population of 800,296. [15]

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    Quebec's official language is French; Québécois French is the regional variety. The economy of Quebec is mainly supported by its large service sector and varied industrial sector. For exports, it leans on the key industries of aeronautics, hydroelectricity, mining, pharmaceuticals, aluminum, wood and paper.

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  4. Quebec City. Quebec City ( Ville de Québec in French) is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. It is the second largest city in Quebec, behind Montreal. It is known for its winter fair, beautiful churches, and an old hotel called Château Frontenac. It is next to the Saint Lawrence River. There are almost 700,000 people in the whole ...

  5. French is the official language of the province of Quebec though in the tourist areas of Quebec City, English is widely spoken as a second language by almost all of the staff. It is also not unusual to find Spanish, German and Japanese spoken in many establishments in Vieux-Quebec.

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    Quebec was part of New France until 1760, then under British control. Quebec became a province in the Canadian Confederation in 1867. Since then, some people in Quebec have wanted to leave Canada. Since Quebec is a mainly French-speaking province, most of the people there feel that it is very different from the rest of Canada, and want to keep it t...

    Aboriginal people and Inuit groups were the first peoples who lived in what is now Québec. These Aboriginal people lived by hunting, gathering, and fishing. Some of the Aboriginal people, called Iroquoians, planted squash and maize. The Inuit fished and hunted whales and seals for fur and food. Sometimes they warredwith each other. Vikings came in ...

    The conservative government of Maurice Duplessis dominated Quebec politics from 1944 to 1960 with the support of the Catholic Church. The Quiet Revolution was a period of social and political change. During the Quiet Revolution, English Canadians lost their control over the Quebec economy, the Roman Catholic Church became less important, and the Qu...

    The government is based in the provincial capital, Quebec City. The government is led by a lieutenant-governor (pronounced "lef-") who represents the Crown. As of 2019, he is Michel Doyon. The political leader of the province is the premier. He is François Legault of the Coalition Avenir de Quebec(CAQ), elected in 2018.

  6. The Québec Mercury is microfilmed from 1805-1863 and the Québec Chronicle is available from 18 May 1847 to the end of 1873, and from 1879 to 1886; today the English community of Québec City is served by the Québec Chronicle Telegraph. There were English language newspapers in Sorel and Three Rivers in the 19th century.

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