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    Quebec French (French: français québécois [fʁɑ̃sɛ kebekwa]; also known as Québécois French or Québécois) is the predominant variety of the French language in Canada, in its formal and informal registers. Quebec French is used in everyday communication, as well as in education, the media, and government.

    • 7 million in Quebec; 700,000 speakers elsewhere in Canada and the United States (2006)
  2. 6 Unique Elements of Quebec French - FluentU French
    • There Are Some Special Nouns and Verbs. Below is a list of 10 vocab words used often used in Quebec French to help you learn to parler québécois (speak Quebec French).
    • It’s Got Its Own Special Eating Time Vocabulary. Okay, this is as confusing for French visitors in Quebec as for the Québécois that visit France…so don’t get discouraged here as an English speaker!
    • The Accent and Pronunciation Is Distinct. People say that the Québécois accent, is chantant (sing-songy), when compared to other Francophone accents. This is often seen in a positive light as Québécois are seen as pleasant and friendly people in the eyes of the French-speaking world, and so their accent is taken pleasantly too!
    • Questions Are Asked a Bit Differently. Remember that Québécois can write and speak in perfect standard French, so when it comes to asking questions in formal settings they’ll use vous (formal you) and say it exactly as you would in any other French-speaking area, for example, est-ce que vous avez faim?
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  3. Canadian French in Quebec - Words Only a Quebecer Would Say
    • Canadian French Swear Words, Quebec Style. French swear words, as with swear words in general, often make reference to bodily excretions, orificial waste, sexual acts, incest, wedlock-free conception and sun-deprived body parts.
    • Ayoille. You say ouch? Quebec says... It sounds a little something like AH-YOY. Continue to 3 of 20 below.
    • Franchement. “Franchement” is one my preferred French Quebec expressions, but not because of any real reason other than the fact that it was one of the first words I remembered using all the time as a child learning French.
    • En Tout Cas. En tout cas. Just one of many Quebecois expressions I use constantly. Like every day. It's filler language. Kinda like this random stock shot. Uncomfortable silence?
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    Quebec's cuisine has a strong French and Irish influence, although many aspects of Canadian aboriginal cuisine have also had a significant impact on Quebec cuisine. Quebec is most famous for its Tourtière, Pâté Chinois, Poutine, St. Catherine's taffy among others. The temps des sucres (sugar season) is one of the oldest of Quebec culinary ...

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    • Le Québécois en 10 Leçons

    For most of us, the first encounter with a language happens in a textbook. This cold and clinical introduction sometimes leads people to believe that languages are set in stone, when in fact, it's quite the opposite: just like glaciers that are made of ice, yet fluctuate and change shape constantly, languages are liquid and continuously evolve.One long term effect of that evolution is that languages that are spoken over large territories or in distant countries tend to evolve into different v...

    To give you a general idea of the kinds of things you hear in Québec, let's imagine that you are visiting Québec City. You are on the streets of le Vieux-Québec, looking lost. A stranger stops his car and asks:J'peux-tu t'aider, mon gars? This -tu may sound like the pronoun “you” but it's actually a question particle, similar to the Mandarin ma, the Esperanto ĉu or the Japanese ka, except that it follows a subject-verb group. Note that mec is never used in Québec: we only use gars.You explain...

    Unfortunately, proper materials are hard to find: some websites present words and expressions in the form of a glossary, but only a few actually present explanations (I recommend overview of the printed material available on Québécois reveals a shocking reality: there is no course on spoken Québécois! There are dictionaries, glossaries and tourist guides, but nothing that is structured to teach the language as it's really spoken.For more than 15 years, I've thought about wri...

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  6. The Differences Between French in Quebec and France

    Aug 13, 2014 · The French that was brought to the colony was also isolated, during this time the noticeable differences between the French varieties began to appear. Standard European French developed with European influences, while Canadian French were infused with significant influences from the English language. Modern Day Canadian French

    • Part 1: The History of Canadian French
      During the Age of Exploration, King Francis I (Francois 1er) commissioned a western expedition to find another route to China. In 1534, Jacques Car...
    • Modern Day Canadian French
      The late 1800s saw a shift towards industrialization in the Canadian Confederation. This increased the interaction between the French Canadians, En...
    • Slang Words and Idiomatic Expressions
      Slang words and idiomatic expressions are where the major difference between spoken Québec French and Metropolitan French lies. This is primarily b...
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    Quebec, French Québec, eastern province of Canada. Constituting nearly one-sixth of Canada’s total land area, Quebec is the largest of Canada’s 10 provinces in area and is second only to Ontario in population.

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    Welcoming townhouse Quebec city, condo rental furnished apartment. Avocat né le 16 juin 1884 à Québec. Born on June 16, 1884, in Quebec City, he was a lawyer. Montréal, Trois-Rivières et Québec devaient ensuite être successivement attaquées. Montreal, Trois-Rivières, and Quebec were then to be attacked successively.

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    Quebec - Quebec - History: The origins of Quebec go back to 1534–35, when the French explorer Jacques Cartier landed at present-day Gaspé and took possession of the land in the name of the king of France. Cartier brought with him the 16th-century European traditions of mercantile expansion to a land where a few thousand Indians (First Nations) and Inuit (the Arctic people of Canada known as ...

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    Learning French . The content on French courses has been moved in Qué, the Government of Québec’s new website, to the section Apprendre le français (currently available in French only).