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    Graduates of Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute (1930–1950) Well-known graduates of Ilya Repin Leningrad Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1930–1950s include: Category:Repin Institute of Arts alumni; Current situation. The Russian Academy of Arts has been headquartered in Moscow since 1947.

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    Pages in category "Repin Institute of Arts alumni" The following 122 pages are in this category, out of 122 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ().

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    In accordance with the Institute of proletarian art, it was transformed into the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (since 1944 named after Ilya Repin). It has thus been placed officially instituted by the Soviet Union Government under the 15-year period of the destruction of the old art school and a continuous transformation of ...

    • Semion Mikhaylovsky
    • 17, University Embankment, Saint Petersburg, Russia
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    The Franklin Institute is a science museum and the center of science education and research in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is named after the American scientist and statesman Benjamin Franklin, and houses the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial.

    • Windrim, John Torrey; Day & Zimmermann
    • 4.4 acres (1.8 ha)
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    Benjamin Franklin Medals. In 1998, the Benjamin Franklin Medals were created by reorganizing all of the endowed medals presented by The Franklin Institute at that time, into a group medals recognizing seven areas of study: Chemistry, Computer and Cognitive Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Electrical Engineering, Life Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics.

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    Piotr Petrovich Belousov (Russian: Пё́тр Петро́вич Белоу́сов; May 3, 1912 – March 31, 1989) was a Soviet, Russian painter, graphic artist, art teacher, professor of the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin, People's Artist of USSR, Corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR, who lived and worked in Leningrad.

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    Anniversary Directory graduates of Saint Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture named after Ilya Repin, Russian Academy of Arts. 1915 - 2005. - Saint Petersburg: Pervotsvet Publishing House, 2007. References

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    Franklin William Hooper, LL.D. (11 February 1851 – 1 August 1914) was an American biologist, geologist, educator and institute director. Franklin William Hooper 1916 portrait of Franklin W. Hooper by Joseph Henry Boston, from the collection of the Brooklyn Museum

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    I. Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture is one of the oldest and biggest higher art institutions in Russia. Founded to train home-grown artists, the Institute spawned galaxy of talent, including many Russian great painters and architects.

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