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  1. Sure, Resident Evil 5 is 'possible' on Wii

    When Resident Evil 5 was announced for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, everyone asked -- how about a Wii version? At the time, it didn't seem likely. In fact, the words "not possible" were thrown ...

  2. Resident Evil 5 Might Be Possible on the Wii After All

    Jul 09, 2009 · #Resident Evil#Resident Evil 5#Nintendo Wii#Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles#Capcom hot right now Intel Releases October 2020 Update Ready Driver - Get Version The current ...

  3. Resident Evil 5 Wii 'Possible' But 'Not Likely' - IGN

    Jul 09, 2009 · Capcom sure does love teasing Wii owners. First with Street Fighter 4, and now with Resident Evil 5.. Producer Masachika Kawata told NowGamer Resident Evil 5 could be done on the Wii, with the ...

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  4. Nintendo Wii: Capcom Now Believe Resident Evil 5 Is Possible ...

    Nov 14, 2009 · “At Resident Evil 5’s launch it was announced that a Wii version was not technically possible. But after some of the work that Cavia has done (with Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles), the producers of Resident Evil 5 over in Japan now think it is possible. Some of the light effects in the South America stage are pretty incredible. Whether it is going to come, I don’t know the answer to that question. But, it has been said that now at least it is possible.” – Resident Evil ...

  5. Super Resident Evil 5 - YouTube

    A new year, a new Resident Evil... well not really but here's the Resident Evil 5 experience complete in one package - this was the birth of the Boy Wonder m...

    • 31 min
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    • Indeimaus
  6. Resident Evil 5 for Nintendo Wii | - The ...

    The wii's only a year old and it's already had 2 Resident Evil games, 13-14 million wii consoles worldwide would suggest they would have to make another. But if you really want res5, and the petition fails to persuade them, then buy a second hand/New Xbox360 and all is good.

  7. Mar 21, 2016 · Resident Evil 5 also happens to be the last high-quality game in the series, what with its successor, Resident Evil 6, crumbling under its own lofty ambitions. With Resident Evil ‘s 20th year anniversary on the horizon maybe now would be a good time to bring the official series canon back to the Nintendo faithful.

  8. MT Framework - Wikipedia

    MT Framework is a game engine created by Capcom. "MT" stands for "Multi-Thread", "Meta Tools" and "Multi-Target". While initially MT Framework was intended to power 2006's Dead Rising and Lost Planet: Extreme Condition only, Capcom later decided for their internal development divisions to adopt it as their default engine.

  9. "Tank-like" controls? (possible spoilers) - Resident Evil 5

    The controls were second nature to me due to the years of Resident Evil 4, but to go so far as to call them "Tank-like" is a little extreme. On the other hand, maybe they can be seen as Tank-like. But that's only because Chris Redfield is the Physical embodiment of a human tank.

  10. Played by: Spazbo4 This is the easiest and my favorite version of Resident Evil 4. It is easy because of the aiming and also the QTE...

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