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  1. Map of Russia and Ukraine. 4786x2869 / 10,6 Mb Go to Map. Russia physical map. 2000x1045 / 872 Kb Go to Map. Russia rail map. 2047x1194 / 578 Kb Go to Map.

  2. The map shows the Russian Federation, which came into existence on 25 December 1991, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The country, commonly known as Russia, is located partly in eastern Europe and partly in northern Asia, bordering the Arctic Ocean in the north.

  3. Feb 24, 2021 · Federal Subjects Map of Russia Russia has 46 provinces (oblasti, singular - oblast), 21 republics (respubliki, singular - respublika), 4 autonomous okrugs (avtonomnyye okrugi, singular - avtonomnyy okrug), 9 krays (kraya, singular - kray), 2 federal cities (goroda, singular - gorod), and 1 autonomous oblast (avtonomnaya oblast')

    • Moscow
    • 17,098,242.00 km 2
    • 16,377,742.00 km 2
    • 720,500.00 km 2
  4. Russia Map with Cities. List of Cities in Russia by Population Name Native Adm. Population Census 2010-10-14 Population Estimate (E) 2016-01-01 Moskva [Moscow] Москва CEN 1,16,12,885 1,21,79,144 Sankt-Peterburg (Leningrad) [Saint Petersburg] Санкт-Петербург SZA 48,79,566….

  5. › map-of-russian-federationMap of Russian Federation

    Map of Russian Federation, Physical Map with Russia and Europe, Red Square in Winter, Red Square Moscow Russia, Russia Administrative Divisions Map, Russia Administrative Map, Russia and Baltic Countries Map, Russia and East Asia Map and more maps, satellite images...

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  7. Today’s Russia inherited its territory from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. In 1992, a Federal Treaty on the Delimitation of Powers was signed between the federal center and the regions. In 1993, when the current Constitution of Russia was adopted, there were 89 subjects. As a result of the unification of regions in 2003 ...

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