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  1. Russian language - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Old East Slavic Writing system Cyrillic ( Russian alphabet) Russian Braille Official status Official language in 12 states Russia (state) [4] Belarus (state) [5] Kazakhstan (official) [6] Kyrgyzstan (official) [7] Tajikistan ( inter-ethnic communication) [8] Moldova :

  2. Languages of Russia. Memorial in Vyborg in Finnish, Russian, Swedish and German. English (80% out of all foreign language speakers or 11% of the population; 30% to some degree. [4] Of all the languages of Russia, Russian, the most widely spoken language, is the only official language at the national level.

  3. The Russian Wikipedia ( Russian: Русская Википедия, romanized : Russkaya Vikipediya) is the Russian-language edition of Wikipedia. As of November 2023, it has 1,949,852 articles. It was started on 11 May 2001. [1] In October 2015, it became the sixth-largest Wikipedia by the number of articles. It has the sixth-largest number of ...

  4. Russian is an East Slavic language, spoken primarily in Russia. It is the native language of the Russians and belongs to the Indo-European language family. It is one of four living East Slavic languages, and is also a part of the larger Balto-Slavic languages. It was the de facto and de jure official language of the former Soviet Union.

  5. Feb 14, 2023 · Israel Origins and history of the Russian language The roots of the language Reform of the language A revolution in Russian Russian pronunciation and phonology Russian grammar Dialects of the Russian language Interesting facts about the Russian language Learning the Russian language in Russia Useful resources Babbel

  6. Russian soap opera. Read the story of English ex-pat Chris and Russian beauty, Irina, which has been written by you. Follow the plot and learn some Russian along the way. BBC Languages - Learn in ...

  7. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. The Russian language is the principal state and cultural language of Russia. Russian is the primary language of the majority of people in Russia. It is also used as a second language in other former republics of the Soviet Union. It belongs to the eastern branch of the Slavic family of languages.

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