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  1. xxx-xx-xx (exception: Moscow—see below), e.g.: 3-45-67 22-33-44 234-56-78

  2. Russia phone lines include 261,900,000 mobile phones. There are 42,900,000 landline phones in ...

    Area Codes:
    Altayskiy region
    Amur region
  3. Jun 29, 2011 · Normally, Russians split the phone number into three groups with dashes like this: ххх-хх-хх or, if the city is not big enough to have 7 digit numbers, its numbers look like this: xx-xx-xx. Together with the country code and city code, it would look like +7 (495) xxx-xx-xx or +7(3852) xx-xx-xx.

  4. Russia falls under the World Numbering Plan Zone 7. You can instantly access accurate details on phone numbers anywhere in the Russian Federation. Our Russian phone directories are a very helpful means of finding and accessing phone number information from any part of Russia from a single platform without any hassles. These international phone directories provide detailed information on zip codes and phone numbers for any particular geographical location in Russia.

  5. Calls to Russia Details Mobile numbers with +79585 code represent the area of St. Petersburg & St. Petersburg Region. You are able to connect up to 7 mobile numbers from Russia per user How can I connect the phone number? Enable SMS reception Free Connect a phone number All rates are shown in USD, including taxes

  6. 011 - international access code; dial first when calling abroad from the US or Canada. 7 - Country Code for Russian Federation. Phone Number - 10 digits, area code included for fixed lines. sample call from the United States or from Canada to a landline in Sankt Petersburg: 011 7 812 ??? ????

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