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  1. By 1924, Kresge was worth approximately $375,000,000 ($3.81 billion in 2009 dollars [2]) and owned real estate of the approximate value of $100,000,000. [3] Personal life He was married and divorced at least twice by 1928. [3] Kresge and his family were members of Detroit's North Methodist Episcopal Church. [4]

  2. Jul 27, 2023 · By the time of Kresges death in 1966, the foundation had distributed $70,000,000 in grants with a remaining net worth of $175,000,000. This article was most recently revised and updated by Amy Tikkanen .

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  3. Sep 27, 2015 · Total sales reach $6.79 billion. 1977 – The Kresge Company changes its name to Kmart Corporation, as Kmart stores now account for 94.5 percent of sales and expansion continues. 1990 – With $32.1...

  4. Jun 8, 2019 · At more than 20,000 square feet, it’s one of Detroit’s largest mansions, and it sits on what’s believed to be the city’s largest residential lot — almost four acres, wrapped with a...

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    S. S. Kresge, the founder of the company that would become Kmart, met variety-store pioneer Frank Winfield Woolworth while working as a traveling salesman and selling to all 19 of Woolworth's stores at the time. In 1897, Kresge invested $6,700 saved from his job into a five-and-dime store in Memphis, Tennessee.

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  6. Turned two five-and-dime stores into the K-Mart corporation, which was worth hundreds of millions. Before Fame. He worked as a traveling salesman and hardware store clerk. Trivia. His net worth would have been around $5 billion in 2012 dollars. Family Life. He had five children with his first wife, later divorcing her and remarrying. Associated ...

  7. For almost a century, Mr. Kresges gifts have grown exponentially in resources, scope and impact. Today, The Kresge Foundation is a multi-billion dollar national philanthropy. But its mission – to promote human progress – remains as central to the organization as it was in 1924.

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