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  1. Get your target audience excited about an upcoming gathering with free event flyer templates you can customize and print from Canva to grab their attention.

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  2. Create eye-catching event schedule flyers in minutes. Choose from 5,650+ free events templates to effortlessly promote your upcoming event. Share online or print.

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    Working on a sales or promotional event? Attract more guests with a compelling and beautiful event flyer like the two below. The first event flyer template is perfect for sales for a specific type of product, while the second is great for a sale that applies to a store-wide catalog. Just so you know, some of our templates are free to use and some r...

    Hosting a networking event or a business conference? These two professional, easy-to-edit business flyertemplates are perfect for you: Both templates use a photo as the background but have two different approaches to match it with the text content. While the first one applies a black color overlay over the image, the second one uses the image as is...

    For events that promote causes, awareness flyers work best. Depending on the type of event, you might want to color code your flyer accordingly — for example, this breast cancer awareness event flyer uses shades of pink as that’s the color associated with the movement: Make sure to also add a call-to-action (CTA) as a sentence (like the template ab...

    Flyers are a great way to help you promote your health and wellness events. Let’s take a look at this flyer example: This healthcare flyer advertises a medical fair by Grand River Healthcare Inc. Notice how the designer has grouped different healthcare icons to make the shape of a heart — representing the concept of health. A cross (also a health s...

    Need to recruit volunteers? With its light-hearted, inviting, and inspiring design, this template is great for promoting your upcoming volunteer registration event: If you’re planning on hosting a fund-raising event instead — no need to fret. May I present to you two event flyers for fundraisers — each taking a different approach: For a more light-...

    Whether your company is hosting a job expo to attract new hires, or whether you’re hosting a career fair for college students — there’s a Venngage flyer for you. Exhibit A: And exhibit B: Notice how the second flyer uses icons instead of images for a more light-hearted tone — which is perfect for a college career fair. Related: 30+ Hiring Flyers Yo...

    If you want to promote a party, vibrant colors can work best for your flyer! Case in point: You can also try using images simulating the concept of a party — like this one with bokeh: Also, both templates’ motifs fit the holiday party they are designed for not just because of the imagery they use, but also through the feel they give off. The Hallow...

    This template is great not just because of its colors and aesthetics, but also because it gives a clear impression of the vibe the festival will have. Its imagery of all things autumn tells that the festival is going to be an enjoyable yet chill event, perfect for the season. For a different design take, see this event flyer template which primaril...

    Why do you need an event flyer?

    A good ol’ way to promote events, event flyers attract potential attendees with eye-catching designs. Apart from promoting the event, flyers are also a good way to promote your brand — through the brand colors, fonts and logos you use. Lastly, an event flyer can promote your event offline. While social media undoubtedly has much reach, there is still a considerably sized target audience an online campaign does not get to. For that, an event flyer is perfect.

    How do I come up with an event flyer design?

    While there are no set rules on how your flyer should look like, there are some things you must consider before even creating one. First is the event itself. Are you hosting a summer barbecue in the park, or a winter gala? What atmosphere do you want to create? Are there specific aspects of your event that people should focus on? All of these things will determine the imagery, colors, and content the flyer will have. Second is the theme and feel of the event. This will dictate color choices a...

    How do I choose colors for my event flyer design?

    Choosing colors for your flyer shares certain similarities with choosing a design. Much like the latter, the theme and feel of the event should inform you of what colors to use. For a Valentine’s flyer like this one, shades of pinks and reds are perfect as they evoke a feeling of passion and romance: On the other hand, if you’re hosting a business conference, maybe opt for neutral or professional colors like black, white, silver or blue: It’s also important to consider the different contexts...

  4. Free online event flyer maker. Choose from beautiful event flyer templates to design your own in minutes. Customize it with free images, backgrounds, and more. Create now

    • sample schedule of events flyer examples1
    • sample schedule of events flyer examples2
    • sample schedule of events flyer examples3
    • sample schedule of events flyer examples4
    • sample schedule of events flyer examples5
    • Mill Valley Film Festival Event Flyer Example. Creator: Turner Duckworth. Type: Realistic Event Flyer Example. Selected Because: I personally love this event flyer example, as the image of an old-school ticket gives the audience an idea of the event before reading the text.
    • Soda Design Night Event Flyer Example. Creator: Not Listed. Type: Modern Event Flyer Example. Selected Because: Using a color scheme that relates to what your event is about will help appeal to your targeted audience.
    • Modern Pool Party Event Flyer Template. Creator: Venngage. Type: Modern Event Flyer Example. Selected Because: This event poster design brings a feel of an 80’s pool party.
    • The Small Stakes Music Event Flyer Example. Creator: Dwell. Type: Minimalist Event Flyer Example. Selected Because: The first two things I noticed on this event flyer design right away; the bold record and College Night Noise Pop.
  5. Check out our event flyer examples, ideas, and templates, all in one place. Then create your own unique and professional flyer for free using Venngage!

  6. Create a modern event flyer using one of our beautiful event flyer templates. You can easily print it or publish it online. No design skills needed. Try now!

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