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  1. Crash Sites consist of: Freighter Drop-pod, containing the Hard Drive Scattered components on the ground, which can be picked up (as listed below) Other scattered wreckage which is purely visual Upon researching 'Radio Signal Scanning', Crash Sites can be scanned for with an Object Scanner. Players can refer to online maps for Crash Site ...

  2. Are you looking for mods, tools, and guides for Satisfactory, the factory building game? Visit, the official modding portal for the game, and discover hundreds of community-made content to enhance your gameplay. Whether you want to add new machines, decorations, vehicles, or even animals, has something for you.

  3. Dec 6, 2022 · Satisfactory Update 7 is finally here! For a full list of patch notes, please go to:⬇ Links and Info ⬇Websi...

    • Dec 6, 2022
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    • Coffee Stain Studios
  4. 생산 요구 사항을 계산하는 데 적합한 새티스팩토리 도우미입니다. | Gaming Tool/Wiki/Database to empower the players.

  5. Satisfactory-Calculator Interactive Map aka "SCIM" This repository is here for bug reporting and is not intended to be forked or deployed in any means. About The Project. The interactive map acts as a 2D map rendering engine and a full-featured save editor for Satisfactory. A game from Coffee Stain Studios. You can see a Live Example. Social ...

  6. Dec 7, 2020 · You will then get a pop up window asking you to drag your Blueprint to it. Go to where your saved Blueprint file is and drag it into the box. A pop up screen will come up telling you how many items were imported to the map click OK. Now under the “cell phone” icon you will see a clipboard icon.

  7. Interactive Map. UPDATE: FOLLOW THE THREAD UPDATE HERE. Hi there, after seeing various maps posted around the internet I tried to make an interactive one. It's still in early stages of development (bugs might come up) but the main concept works, a listing of deposits, slugs, zoom, pan, and filtering.

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