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    • 1. a plan for carrying out a process or procedure, giving lists of intended events and times: "we have drawn up an engineering schedule" Similar planprogramtimetablescheme
    • 2. an appendix to a formal document or statute, especially as a list, table, or inventory: "they need a clear schedule of fixtures and fittings"


    • 1. arrange or plan (an event) to take place at a particular time: "the release of the single is scheduled for April"
  2. 1. : program. especially : a procedural plan that indicates the time and sequence of each operation. finished on schedule. 2. : a written or printed list, catalog, or inventory. also : timetable sense 1. 3. : a body of items to be dealt with : agenda.

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    Use a schedule template to track your fitness goals, work projects, or chores. A weekly schedule template is great for routine items or special events, like conferences, training programs, or travel plans. Manage homework assignments or group projects with an Excel schedule template. Ensure adequate shift coverage with an employee schedule template.

  4. schedule 2 of 2 noun 1 as in agenda a listing of things to be presented or considered (as at a concert or play) the schedule of events for the conference Synonyms & Similar Words agenda calendar timetable program docket organization bill of fare plate card sequence exercises arrangement setup ordering order dance card 2 as in list

  5. 2. a series of things to be done or of events to occur at or during a particular time or period: He always has a full schedule. 3. a timetable. 4. a written or printed statement of details, often in tabular form, esp. as an addendum to another document. 5. Obs. a written paper. v.t. 6. to make a schedule of or enter in a schedule.

  6. Use it to organize your work, play, chores, and activities for each day of the week. You can tailor the daily schedule template to start your day at a specific time and then set time intervals however you’d like. Keep the daily schedule template in Excel close at hand to know what’s coming up and when things are happening. Download a schedule template, send to your phone or tablet, and take control of your daily planning.

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