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    The Green, Yellow and Red were used for the flag of the Ethiopian Empire in 1914. On 11 October 1897, a year after Ethiopia decisively defeated the Italian colonization at the Battle of Adwa, emperor Menelik II ordered the three pennants combined in a rectangular tricolour from top to bottom of red, yellow, and green with the first letter of his own name (the Amharic letter "ም") on the ...

  2. Principality of Serbia - Wikipedia › wiki › Principality_of_Serbia

    The only stipulation was that the Ottoman flag continue to fly over the fortress alongside the Serbian one. Serbia's de facto independence dates from this event. [3] A new constitution in 1869 defined Serbia as an independent state.

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    May 28, 2021 · It was made by the members of the Serbia Travel Club, an association of independent travelers from Serbia, and is available in English and Serbian. By bike [ edit ] The cycling route EuroVelo 6 [31] which runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, crosses Serbia by following the Danube river.

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    We have finally created a flag quiz that covers ALL the countries of Europe!<br><br>Memorizing all 47 European flags can be challenging. Bulgaria and Hungary both have horizontal stripes of white, green, and red. To tell them apart, you need to remember that Bulgaria decided to put their red stripe on the bottom. This flag quiz game is great at helping you lock in those visual distinctions ...

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