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  1. Jan 2, 2023 · Top right hand side you have a choice of Thai/English or mouse right hand click and select 'translate to English'... Quote atpeace Newbie Advanced Member 832 900 posts Gender:Male Posted January 2 (edited) It doesn't translate the complete page.

  2. In this video I'll walk you through the steps on how you can change language pn Shopee app.https://shopee.comChapters / Timestamps0:00 Intro0:19 Change lang...

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    • Let's Get to Know Shopee First
    • How Big Is The Market For Online Shopping in Thailand?
    • Why Should You Sell on Shopee?
    • How Do I Get started?
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    • Need A Helping Hand in Setting Up Shop on Shopee?

    Launched in 2015, Shopee is the top eCommerce site in Thailand and has 51.24 million visitors monthly, with a strong presence in Southeast Asia. Its operations currently cover the whole region from Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, all the way to Singapore. It first started as primarily a consumer-to-consumer (C2C) market...

    Thailand's eCommerce industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. Thai consumers spent more than $2 billion online in 2017 alone, twice as much as they spent in the previous year. We believe that number will increase even more each year. There are 54.50 million internet users in Thailand in 2022 and we can expect that e-commerce will become the main...

    1. Strong user base The sellers benefit from the scale of their online presence. The marketplace has created a name for itself and a solid active user base across the region. If you open your store, you'll never be able to get as many eyeballs as here on the platform. When you choose to sell on Shopee, you get access to a ready-made audience and po...

    It is great to have you on board. If you want to sell the product, make sure it's not on the Shopee list of banned products.We will show you how it works in our next article. We will explain everything you need to know about setting up shop on Shopee Marketplace and Shopee Mall. You'll learn how to set up an online store and succeed in this eCommer...

    What does it cost to sell on Shopee?

    Apart from the $315 fee for registering your business with ACRA (if you choose to be listed on Shopee Mall), selling on Shopee is free. There's no registration fee to become a Shopee seller, and more importantly, there's no commission.

    What types of sellers are there?

    There are three types of Shopee Seller options during the signup process. 1. Marketplace 2. Preferred 3. Shopee Mall Each type of seller can either be a local or cross-border seller.

    Should I sell on Shopee Marketplace or Shopee Mall?

    Shopee Marketplace is an open e-marketplace where any online merchant can sign up and start selling. On the other hand, Shopee Mall is for brands with specific criteria. They will get access to Shopee's promotional tools and qualify for their extensive campaigns.

    If you're planning on becoming a digital seller but don't know where to start or what to do, our team at Sphere Agency is here to help. You no longer have to worry about setting up an account, marketing through social media and finally selling your first item. Check out our eCommerce Service and contact us today!

  4. Nov 30, 2020 · Hi guys! Welcome to our channel.For today’s video I will be sharing to youon how to change language in Shopee app. Since I am here in Taiwan, I really need t...

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  5. Mar 9, 2010 · Shopee TH is the official app of the online store with the same name, one of the giants of online shopping, especially in southeastern Asia. Only other giants such as Amazon or Alibaba can compete with this Indonesian giant as far as sales go. This version of the app is geared towards the Thai market. The Shopee TH interface was designed so ...

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