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  1. Apr 06, 2018 · is this your laptop's APU : AMD A10 9600P / 2.4 GHz (3.3 GHz) / 2 MB Cache. This is the AMD Laptop APU Driver you need to download and install: APU. (IF above APU is correct model installed) How to update the AMD Drivers in a laptop: Laptop graphics update...How to . Try installing Acer's Laptop AMD Driver first.

  2. Nov 16, 2020 · If you have Radeon Software already installed, updating the driver is as simple as opening Radeon™ Software (ALT+R) and clicking the button ‘Check for Updates’ which is located in the top right tile labeled 'Driver & Software'.

  3. Aug 20, 2018 · Intel drivers are offered via Windows Update, although an AMD Ryzen CPU is installed in the system. This is not the first case where Windows Update offers quite strange device drivers (see following link list). Microsoft Answers has this forum thread from November 2017, where users complain about AMD driver updates for Surfaces with Intel CPUs.

  4. Feb 10, 2021 · there is no intel and amd belt into single chip , but there is an amd apu which is a gpu + cpu combined so with it you do not need an intel , is an amd apu faster than an intel and a gpu , if you do a fair test for 2 gpus of same clock speeds one on an apu and the other is a second gpu over intel that one will specifically do better in benchmarks …

  5. Aug 13, 2020 · 08-13-2020 07:37 AM Hi: If it only has the onboard Intel graphics, it would be OK to update the driver with the latest one from Intel. If it has a discrete graphics adapter, such as a Nvidia or AMD, plus the Intel HD graphics adapter, then don't do it because it will most likely cause the switchable graphics to no longer function correctly.

  6. Anything that uses an intel HD Graphics or AMD's APUs is all good, (anything intel x4500 or prior not so good, if it resides on the board instead of on cpu die.... avoid doing it... and it's best to avoid using anything that doesn't have direct driver support within windows you're using). 2 Reply moddingpark • 6 yr. ago

  7. Apr 25, 2022 · Choose Search automatically for updated driver software. Windows 10. In the Windows search bar, type Control Panel. Click Control Panel. Open Device Manager. Click the arrow next to Display Adapters. Right-click on Intel HD Graphics. Choose Search automatically for updated driver software. AMD graphics drivers. Go to the AMD graphics driver ...

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