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  1. Książę Siemowit III "Starszy" Prince of Mazovia (von Masowien ...ążę-Siemowit-III...

    History. iemowit III of Masovia (his name also rendered Ziemowit; c. 1320 – 1381) was a prince of Masovia and a co-regent (with his brother Casimir I of Warsaw) of the lands of Warsaw, Czersk, Rawa, Gostynin and other parts of Masovia. Life. Siemowit was the second son of Trojden I of Masovia and his wife Maria, daughter of Yuri I of Galicia.

  2. Siemowit III of Masovia (c1320-1381) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Siemowit III Piast of Halych, Duke of Masovia, was born circa 1320 to Trojden I of Masovia (c1285-1341) and Maria Yuryevna of Halych (c1292-1341) and died 16 June 1381 of unspecified causes. He married Euphemia of Troppau (c1320-1352) 1335. He married Anna of Ziębice. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Hugh Capet (c940-996). Ancestors are from Russia ...

    • 16 June 1381
    • Anna of Ziębice
    • Euphemia of Troppau (c1320-1352)
    • Duke of Masovia
  3. Inspiration from murder: the savage killing that links a ...

    Oct 12, 2019 · According to historians of the Duchy of Masovia in the 14th century, Siemowit III was a pretty decent duke. Chroniclers tell us that he was “a wise and noble ruler”. He took part in the prestigious congress of European monarchs in Krakow in 1364, and maintained good relations with Kazimierz the Great, even marrying his daughter to the king ...

  4. Siemowit (c.845 - d.) - Genealogy

    Siemowit was elected as new duke by the wiec. According to a popular legend, Popiel was then eaten by mice in his tower on the Gopło lake. [2] The only mention of Siemowit, along with his son Lestko and grandson Siemomysł, comes in the mediæval chronicle of Gallus Anonymus.

    • Algimina, Wrocław-Wrocisław król kró..., Lestek, Duke of the Polans, Sakosława, Wyszosława
  5. Nowogród - Wikipediaód

    In 1355, the gord became property of Siemowit III, Duke of Masovia, who in 1375 handed it to his son Janusz I of Warsaw. Janusz I founded here a brick castle, built in the location of a wooden construction. The castle became one of residences of the Dukes of Mazovia.

  6. Siemowit IV, duke of Masovia - Family Tree & Family History ...

    Sep 18, 2020 · Grandchildren of Alexandra and Siemowit IV included. Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, Przemyslaus II, Duke of Cieszyn, Sophie of Pomerania, Duchess of Pomerania ; Dorothy Garai, queen of Bosnia. History. This time the fight took place successfully for Siemowit IV: by the end of 1384 he could conquer Łęczyca.

  7. List of Polish monarchs - Wikipedia

    Duke Leszko III c. 8th century: ... Duke Siemowit also Ziemowit 9th century ... High Duke Konrad I of Masovia 1241–1243 (1–2 years)

  8. List of Polish monarchs | Historipedia Official Wiki | Fandom

    This list concerns the historical monarchs of Poland, from the Middle Ages to 1795. For presidents and other heads of state of Poland during the 20th and 21st centuries, see List of heads of state of Poland. Poland was ruled at various times either by dukes (the 10th–14th century) or by kings (the 11th-18th century). During the latter period, a tradition of free election of monarchs made it ...

  9. Konrad I Herzog von Masovia, Kujawien, Sieradz, Leczyca und ...

    Kazimierz II (the Just) Herzog von Sandomir, Krakau, Kujawien und Masovia 1138-1194; Helene von Znaim 1134/- Spouses and children. Married in 1207 to Agafia Svjatoslava †1247/ with. Kazimierz I Prince of Kujawien ca 1211-1267; Eudoxia of Masovia /1222-1238/ Judyta of Masovia ca 1226-1260; Siemowit I Duke of Masovia ca 1228-1262 Half-siblings

  10. Trojden I, Duke of Masovia,_Duke_of_Masovia

    Gaudemunda of Lithuania - Bolesław II of Masovia - Wenceslaus of Płock - Maria of Galicia - Bolesław-Jerzy II - Siemowit III, Duke of Masovia - Yuri I of Galicia - Casimir I of Warsaw - Casimir I, Duke of Cieszyn - Piast dynasty - Czersk, Masovian Voivodeship - Warsaw - Liw, Poland - Płock - Traidenis - Lithuania - Mazovia - Władysław I the Elbow-high - Grodno - Poland - Teutonic Order ...

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