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    The Kipchaks, who were horse archers like the Mongols, served as the vanguard and scouts. The Mongols, who appeared to retreat, tricked the Ruthenian–Kipchak force into a trap after suddenly emerging behind the hills and surrounding them. The fleeing Kipchaks were closely pursued, and the Ruthenian camp was massacred.

  2. The Khanate of Bukhara (or Khanate of Bukhoro) (Persian: خانات بخارا, romanized: Khānāt-e Bokhārā; Chagatay: بخارا خانلیگی, romanized: Bukhārā Khānligi) was an Uzbek state in Central Asia from 1500 to 1785, founded by the Abu'l-Khayrid dynasty, a branch of the Shibanids.

  3. Il Khanato dell'Orda d'Oro (in mongolo: Алтан Орд, traslitterato Altan Ord; in kazako: Алтын Орда?, traslitterato: Altyn Orda; in tartaro Алтын Урда, traslitterato Altın Urda) o Ulug Ulus (letteralmente il "Grande Stato" in turco) fu un khanato in origine mongolo e successivamente turchizzato fondato nel XIII secolo come regione amministrativa nord-occidentale dell ...

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