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  1. The Khanate of Bukhara (or Khanate of Bukhoro) (Persian: خانات بخارا, romanized: Khānāt-e Bokhārā; Chagatay: بخارا خانلیگی, romanized: Bukhārā Khānligi) was an Uzbek state in Central Asia from 1500 to 1785, founded by the Abu'l-Khayrid dynasty, a branch of the Shibanids.

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    Russian anthropologist Oshanin (1964: 24, 32) notes that the ‘Mongoloid’ phenotype, characteristic of modern Kipchak-speaking Kazakhs and Qirghiz, prevails among the skulls of the historical Qipchaq and Pecheneg nomads found across Central Asia and Ukraine; Lee & Kuang (2017) propose that Oshanin's discovery is explainable by assuming that the historical Kipchaks' modern descendants are ...

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