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  1. Jan 27, 2014 · The lesson was prepared for a small group of students ranging from age 5-11. The students discover that as Simeon and Anna believed God would keep His promise to send a Savior, they can believe God keeps all His promises. Bible Story: Simeon and Anna see the Savior Scripture: Luke 2:22-38 Target Age Group: Age 5 – 11 (U.S. K – 5th Grade)

  2. Aug 7, 2019 · Simon is the name of one of Jesusbrothers ( Mark 6:3 ), who’s traditionally believed to have succeeded James as head of the church in Jerusalem. A Pharisee named Simon invited Jesus over for dinner, where a sinful woman famously poured perfume on Jesus’ feet ( Luke 7:40 ). Simon the Leper hosts Jesus for dinner in Bethany ( Mark 14:3 ).

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  4. Apr 8, 2022 · Simon left everything in his previous life to follow Jesus. He lived true to the Great Commission after Jesus' ascension. Weaknesses Like most of the other apostles, Simon the Zealot deserted Jesus during his trial and crucifixion. Life Lessons From Simon the Zealot Jesus Christ transcends political causes, governments, and all earthly turmoil.

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  5. Aug 5, 2012 · Andrew went to find his brother Simon and told him that they (Andrew and John) had found Jesus. Then Simon went to Jesus and Jesus told Simon that he would be called (1) Peter which means rock. At the same time, John went to get his brother (3) James. John 1:43-51 Jesus wanted to go to Galilee, and He found (6) Philip and told him to “Follow me.”

  6. Simon ( Greek: Σίμων) is described in the New Testament as one of the brothers of Jesus ( Greek: ἀδελφοί, romanized : adelphoi, lit. 'brothers'). [1] New Testament [ edit] In Matthew 13:55, people ask concerning Jesus, "Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?"

  7. One of Jesus’ inner circle of 12 men, Simon Peter is both a prominent character in the Bible and the author of two of its books. Some facts about Simon Peter: Born in Bethsaida, in Galilee His given name: Simon Bar-Jona (son of Jona) His name was changed to Peter by Jesus Brother of another disciple: Andrew Philip was also from Bethsaida

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