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  1. Music of Bollywood - Wikipedia › wiki › Music_of_Bollywood

    Bollywood songs, more formally known as Hindi film songs or filmi songs, are songs featured in Bollywood films.Derived from the song-and-dance routines common in Indian films, Bollywood songs, along with dance, are a characteristic motif of Hindi cinema which gives it enduring popular appeal, cultural value and context.

  2. List of number-one songs of 2019 (Malaysia) - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_number-one_songs

    Below is a list of songs that topped the RIM Charts in 2019 according to the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia. Chart history [ edit ] The yellow background indicates the most streamed international song of 2019.

  3. Lists of Bollywood films - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Bollywood_films

    This is a list of films produced by Bollywood film industry of Mumbai ordered by year and decade of release. Although "Bollywood" films are generally listed under the Hindi language, most are in Hindi with partial Urdu and Punjabi and occasionally other languages.

  4. Solanum - Wikipedia › wiki › Solanum

    Solanum is a large and diverse genus of flowering plants, which include three food crops of high economic importance, the potato, the tomato and the eggplant (aubergine, brinjal). It also contains the nightshades and horse nettles, as well as numerous plants cultivated for their ornamental flowers and fruit.

  5. List of Solanum species - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Solanum_species

    This is a list of species in the plant genus Solanum.There may be up to approximately 1500 species worldwide. With some 800 accepted specific and infra-specific taxa of the more than 4,000 described, the genus Solanum contains more species than any other genus in the family Solanaceae and it is one of the largest among the angiosperms.

  6. Top 10 Bollywood Songs 2019 | 10 Best Hindi Songs Of 2019 › best-bollywood-songs-of-2019

    Most popular Bollywood songs of 2019 for you to hum on. Plug in your earphones and enjoy these 10 best Hindi songs of 2019 that surely gonna make permanent place in your playlist.

  7. Top 20 Bollywood Songs of 20192019's Most Viewed Bollywood Songs on YouTubeHit Bollywood Songs of 2019Uploaded for promotional and preview purposes only! If ...

  8. List of Bollywood horror films - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Bollywood_horror_films

    This is a list of notable Indian horror films in Hindi language.. Year Film; 1946 Khooni: 1949 Mahal: 1962 Bees Saal Baad: 1964 Kohraa: 1965 Gumnaam

  9. Potato - Wikipedia › search-redirect

    The potato is a root vegetable native to the Americas, a starchy tuber of the plant Solanum tuberosum, and the plant itself is a perennial in the nightshade family, Solanaceae. [2] Wild potato species , originating in modern-day Peru , can be found throughout the Americas, from Canada to southern Chile . [3]

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