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    001 – World. Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia is the southeastern subregion of Asia, consisting of the regions that are geographically south of China, east of the Indian subcontinent and north-west of Australia. Southeast Asia is bordered to the north by East Asia, to the west by South Asia and the Bay of Bengal, to the east by Oceania and the Pacific Ocean, and to the south by Australia and the Indian Ocean.

    • 4,545,792 km² (1,755,140 sq mi)
    • Zone 6 & 8
    • Southeast Asian
    • 655,298,044 (3rd)
  2. History of Southeast Asia - Wikipedia

    The history of Southeast Asia covers the people of Southeast Asia from prehistory to the present in two distinct sub-regions: Mainland Southeast Asia (or Indochina) and Maritime Southeast Asia (or Insular Southeast Asia). Mainland Southeast Asia comprises Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (or Burma), Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam whereas Maritime Southeast Asia comprises Brunei, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island, East Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

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  4. Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia, is the southeastern part of Asia. There are ten countries in this region. All the countries in Southeast Asia are a part of ASEAN, except for East Timor. Some of the countries are mostly on the Asian mainland; they were formerly called Indochina. The others are only on islands.

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    Southeast Asia was the fastest-growing military spending region in the world between 2009 and 2018.: ix Between 2009 and 2018, total regional spending was increased by 33 percent from $30.8 billion to $41.0 billion (constant 2017 US dollars). The region's share of global arms import increased from 5.8 percent in 1999–2007 to 8.1 percent in ...

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  7. Maritime Southeast Asia - Wikipedia

    Maritime Southeast Asia (as opposed to mainland Southeast Asia) comprises the countries of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and East Timor. Maritime Southeast Asia is sometimes also referred to as Island Southeast Asia, Insular Southeast Asia or Oceanic Southeast Asia.

  8. Greenpeace Southeast Asia - Wikipedia

    Greenpeace Southeast Asia is the regional office of the global environmental organization Greenpeace. Greenpeace has run successful campaigns in the Philippines, Taiwan, India, Indonesia and Thailand, often working with other local environmental groups.

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  10. Islam in Southeast Asia - Wikipedia

    Southeast Asia contains the highest number of Muslims in the world, easily surpassing the Middle East and North Africa. Islam in Southeast Asia is neglected in Western study of Islam which centers around the Middle East. Southeast Asia is a world region made up of nations sharing little more than geographical proximity with one another. What it means to be Southeast Asian is vague and can mean very different things to the people of the arbitrarily assigned world region that comprises Brunei ...