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  1. List of southern hip hop artists. Here is a list of southern hip hop artists on Spotify, ranked based on popularity, who exemplifies the southern hip hop genre. You can find out what southern hip hop genre sounds like where you can preview artists or sort them the way you want, just click the headers to sort.

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  5. dirty south. Southern hip-hop, also called southern rap, is a form of American hip-hop music that emerged from a late-1990s club-oriented vibe in southern U.S. cities, including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, Alabama, New Orleans, Miami, and Baton Rouge. The music was a reaction to the 1980s flow of hip hop culture from New York City and California, and can be considered a third major American hip hop genre, after East Coast hip-hop and West Coast hip-hop.

  6. Groups like the Underground Kingz from Houston, and 8ball & MJG from Memphis expand the spectrum even further with lavishly soulful, guitar-laced vibes. Into the 21st century, Southern Rap became more popular than ever, thanks to the chart-topping success of artists like Lil Jon, Ludacris, and Lil Flip. Show more.

  7. In 2002, Southern hip-hop artists accounted for 50 to 60 percent of the singles on hip-hop music charts. On the week of December 13, 2003, Southern urban artists, labels and producers accounted for six of the top 10 slots on the Billboard Hot 100 : OutKast had two singles, Ludacris , Kelis (produced by The Neptunes ), Beyoncé and Chingy (on ...

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