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  1. The History of Hip-Hop | Rap Rehab › the-history-of-hip-hop

    Aug 16, 2015 · Hip hop not only spread to the west coast but to other regions of the nation, like the South. Southern rap is a style of hip hop that originated from southern places like Houston, Atlanta, and New Orleans. The Dirty South is what people would call it and it was much different from the west and coast.

  2. The Complete History of Hip Hop - PrepScholar › hip-hop-history-timeline

    In this article, we cover the full history of hip hop dance and music and include a helpful hip hop history timeline for reference. Origins of Hip Hop Hip hop (or hip-hop, the two can be used interchangeably) began as a culture and art movement in the Bronx, where demographics were rapidly shifting in the early 1970s.

  3. Tennessee Hip Hop: Full Story and History on Tennessee Rap › tennessee-hip-hop

    Jan 05, 2020 · History of Southern Rap. While break dancing, graffiti and most importantly the music genre hip hop was all created on the east coast, New York City specifically, southern rap has held the reign of being the most influential since the beginning of the 2000s.

  4. Loop History: The Showboys “Drag Rap,” AKA Triggerman | Red ... › 2018 › 06

    Jun 06, 2018 · The story of one of the most influential records in Southern rap history doesn’t start in Miami, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans or even Atlanta. It starts in the front seat of a Jeep parked on a side street in the heart of a notorious hip-hop hotbed: Hollis, Queens.

  5. hip-hop | Definition, History, Culture, & Facts | Britannica › art › hip-hop

    Feb 19, 2021 · Hip-hop, cultural movement that attained popularity in the 1980s and ’90s and the backing music for rap, the musical style incorporating rhythmic and/or rhyming speech that became the movement’s most lasting and influential art form. Learn more about hip-hop’s history and culture in this article.

  6. Hip Hop Culture: History and Trajectory › cgi › viewcontent

    Hip Hop Culture: History and Trajectory by R. Jonathan Riesch B.A., Southern Illinois University, 2002 A Research Paper Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the

  7. How the Bronx Gave Us Hip Hop - THIRTEEN › how-the-bronx-gave-us-hip-hop

    Nov 21, 2016 · For purposes of hip hop history, the most important of the Boston Road clubs was Slyvia’s Blue Morocco, which was opened in 1956 by the singer Sylvia Vanderpool with revenues from her novelty ...

  8. Sociology of the South | “DIRTY SOUTH” › dirtysouth › 2013/10/18

    Oct 18, 2013 · Some people feel that “dirty south” is rap music that originated from the south. It was said that music from the “dirty south” usually has a faster beat something you can dance to. In 1990’s there was the “dirty south” rap that popped up and consisted of violent, sex-obsessed and naturally cuss oriented brand of modern hip-hop.

  9. The Rich, Black, Southern Heritage Of Hip-Hop Majorettes › article › frederickmckindra

    May 07, 2019 · Hip-hop majoretting has experienced sporadic widespread exposure since the early ’70s, mostly due to its proximity to the spectacle of the marching band. In the 1990 televised Motown retrospective Motown 30, Jackson State University’s band, the “Sonic Boom of the South,” and its J-Settes marched and performed at the Pantages Theatre.

  10. Bounce music - Wikipedia › wiki › Bounce_music

    Bounce music is a style of New Orleans hip hop music that is said to have originated as early as the late 1980s in the city's housing projects. Popular bounce artists have included DJ Jubilee, Partners-N-Crime, Magnolia Shorty and Big Freedia.

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