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    Spanish Rice
    Food Network
    A Spanish rice recipe starts with instant rice, tomatoes and onions combined with chili powder and cumin for an easy side dish
    Spanish Omelet
    Our Spanish Omelet gets mucho flavor from smoked ham, VELVEETA, garlic and chopped fresh cilantro.
    Spanish Flan
    Delicious Spanish flan, everyone will love it!
    Spanish Cream
    Spanish Cream recipe is really simple to make and so light it just floats off the plate. This would be fantastic in the summer with fresh berries.
    Spanish Eggs
    Anaheim chile pepper, cilantro and queso fresco combine to give a Spanish twist to a simple egg dish.
    Spanish Rice
    Very easy, very good Spanish rice!
    Spanish Rub
    Two kinds of paprika, cilantro and lemon give Spanish flair to pork chops, tenderloin or shrimp.
    Spanish Brown Rice
    Easy Spanish rice using brown rice instead of white.
    Spanish Potato Salad
    This Spanish-style potato salad is tossed with apple, olives, onion and bacon. If you prefer, you can substitute diced ham for the bacon.

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