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    Who are the best speed metal bands?

    What are some of the most popular heavy metal songs?

    What is the best heavy metal song ever?

    What is the difference between speed metal and thrash metal?

  2. If you're new, Subscribe! → out these 10 killer tracks that paved the way for the thrash explosion.Go here → http://lou...

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    • Majesty - Blind Guardian. The intro for this song is amazingly misleading too. You get an electronic carousel tune that sounds pleasing, and then, BAM! Amazingly fast guitars and Hansi's aggressive and amazing voice.
    • Ride the Sky - Helloween. "Send me a sign, want to leave it all behind. I'll be leaving the hands of doom. Rearrange the master plan, take the future in my hands.
    • Fast as a Shark - Accept. The german bands has much faster/heavier enlgish songs than the american bands! One of the songs that defined speed metal.
    • A Light In the Black - Rainbow. A subgenre defining song (mid 70s speed metal). This song is awesome but underrated. The solo is very fast and technical, and the instrumental part is about 4 min long.
  3. Speed metal is characterized by staccato drumming, single-note riffing at fast tempos and complex guitar solo… read more Top Artists Megadeth 1,668,133 listeners Slayer 1,620,889 listeners Blind Guardian 720,030 listeners Motörhead 1,783,048 listeners DragonForce 846,453 listeners More artists Top Tracks More tracks Top Albums Kill 'Em All

  4. 10. Lost Soul - 'Divine Project' Recorded at 280 BPM, Lost Soul 's 2009 tune " Divine Project " just plain rips. 9. Nile - 'Cast Down the Heretic' Machine gun drums at the beginning make it very...

  5. Greatest Metal Bands Of All Time Like Metallica,Judas Priest,Megadeth And Slayer Great Metal Bands Like Deep Purple,Blind Guardian,Pantera,Rainbow And Accept Legendary Metal Songs Greatest...

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