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    What state has the highest GDP?

    What state has the highest per capita income?

    What is the GNP per capita of the United Kingdom?

  2. List of Indian states and union territories by GDP per capita ... › wiki › List_of_Indian_states_and

    18 hours ago · Net state domestic product (NSDP) is the state counterpart to a country's Net domestic product (NDP), which equals the gross domestic product (GDP) minus depreciation on a country's capital goods. The following table gives the latest available nominal NSDP per capita figures for the States and Union Territories of India at current prices in ...

  3. Today · Between early 1970s and late 1980s, Japan rose from the ashes of World War II (literary and figuratively) to catch up with North American and European industrialized economies. In the 1980s, Japan’s economy was roaring, posting the largest per capita Gross National Product in the World.

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  5. Templat:Infobox country - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia ... › wiki › Templat:Infobox_Country

    1 day ago · GDP_PPP_per_capita: GDP_PPP_per_capita: Gross domestic product (purchasing power parity) per capita. Contoh $98,014: Baris: opsional: GDP (PPP) per capita rank: GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank: Rank among countries for GDP PPP per capita. Contoh 3rd: Baris: opsional: GDP (nominal) GDP_nominal: Nominal GDP of the country. Kata: opsional: GDP (nominal ...

  6. The Galwan Conflict: Beginning of a new Relationship Dynamics ... › 2021/04/15 › the-galwan

    1 day ago · The 15th June, 2020 may very well mark a new chapter in the Indo-Chinese relationship and pave the way for totally new politico-strategic equations, shaping the way for a more complex and unstable world order in the near future. On this night, a bloody, violent and unusual armed clash took place between two of the […]

  7. Top 10 Chinese provincial regions with strongest GDP in 2020 ... › news › pr-newswire

    Today · The per capita GDP in Jiangsu reached 125,000 yuan ($19,230) last year, ranking first among all provincial-level regions in China. In terms of city clusters, the Yangtze River Delta again assumed ...

  8. Ubiquitous digital technologies and spatial structure; an update › plosone › article

    1 day ago · This paper examines the impact of widespread adoption of information and communication technologies (ICT) on urban structure worldwide. Has it offset agglomeration benefits and led to more dispersed spatial structures, or has it strengthened urban externalities and thus resulted in more concentrated spatial structures? Theoretical and empirical studies on this question have produced ...

  9. Introduction › plos-corpus-prod › 10

    1 day ago · By way of comparison, these amounts are less than 1% of projected GDP in the 106 targeted countries in 2030, but they are 2–15 times current levels of public R&D spending on food crops in developing countries (about 4 billion USD per year, based on estimates from Beintema et al. [50] and ASTI [51]). Income growth was largest in South Asia ...

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