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  1. Stranded Deep

    In the aftermath of a mysterious plane crash, you are stranded in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Alone, without any means to call for help, you must do what you can to survive.

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  3. Stranded Deep Review | TheXboxHub › stranded-deep-review

    Stranded Deep allows four saves per Xbox profile, but this is important because each save file will have a different island layout that you can play around with.

  4. Stranded Deep Review - Gamereactor › stranded-deep-review

    While there are similarities between this game and that one, with elements of both Subnautica and Raft, Stranded Deep does try to do its own thing. Soon after the plane crashes into the ocean, you swim up to a raft and make your way to the nearest tropical island.

  5. PS4 and Xbox One gamers want to know if there is multiplayer for Stranded Deep as well as how much it costs. With all of us being forced to stay indoors and vegetate on either the couch or in bed ...

    • Callum Smith
  6. PS4 Xbox One Stranded Deep for PS4, Xbox One launches April 21 . Open-world survival game gets a new release date on console. Sal Romano Apr 20, 2020 at 11:04 AM EDT 0 Comment 0

  7. 12 Best Multiplayer Survival Games | 2 Player Survival Games ... › best-two-player-survival-games
    • Apex Legends (2019) Battle Royale is essentially is part of the survival genre according to many gamers. You have the same mechanics that involve scavenging for resources and weaponry and making your way to safety.
    • Subnautica (2018) Subnautica does not have a co-op mode, and you will need to develop a community-built mod to enable co-op gameplay if you want to experience the title with your friends.
    • Rimworld (2018) Rimworld is one of the best indie games that came out in recent years, and it has all of the classic survival elements that you would expect from the genre.
    • Don’t Starve Together (2016) Don’t Starve Together is a brilliant title that has not only won the hearts of players looking for a great survival horror experience but has also claimed friendships with its unforgiving gameplay.
  8. Best Survival Games for Xbox One in 2021 | Windows Central › best-survival-games-xbox-one
    • Jez Corden
    • Ultimate survival sim: The Long Dark. Staff pick. The Long Dark is the best survival game on Xbox One today, set in the deep Canadian wilds. During a freak meteorological catastrophe, you have to brave the freezing cold, scavenge for supplies, and fend off wild animals driven mad by the strange events.
    • Into The Depths: Subnautica. Subnautica is a gorgeous survival game set in a watery alien world. You crash land with few tools at your disposal and must work with what you can scavenge nearby and out in the depths to survive.
    • Survive in Space! : Astroneer. Astroneer is a space-faring survival game with an emphasis on crafting, research, and open-world exploration. Research the local flora, 3D print parts, and ultimately move on to the next planet for colonization.
    • The classic: Minecraft. Minecraft is known for its creativity, but it's the survival mode where the true challenge lies. Starting punching trees for essential wooden tools, you'll eventually have the weapons and armor to navigate the hellish Nether realm itself.
  9. XBox PC "Looks like you're stranded..." error - Microsoft ... › en-us › xbox

    On Windows, go to settings > apps and features. On the list of apps, go to Xbox. Click advanced options. Scroll down to reset, and click that. It's under repair. This fixed it for me. Repair did not work, but reset did.

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