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    Is there a cheat to increase popularity in Stronghold 2?

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  2. Stronghold 2 Glitches PC | Submitted by Alister Money Exploit Build a siege camp and then click "p" which pauses the game. After pausing the game click on the rubber and click on the siege camp to...

  3. Apr 18, 2005 · Stronghold 2 Cheats For PC Change greeting voice Enter your lords name as "Megalord" (without quotes); and when you start the game, instead of the regular greeting, it will say "greetings Megalord"...

    • PC
  4. Jun 30, 2010 · Ultimate Cheat This cheat is very simple, but very,very and very powerful. All you got to do is pause the game (p) then anything that costs money, stone or wood deleate it you get half but it wont dissaper until you push p so you can get alot of money stone and wood lazilly. the Master Comments 76 36 Star Wars Easter Egg

  5. Apr 19, 2005 · Popularity Cheat If you have the Stronghold 2 vr 1.0 this cheat will help u have a high popularity by messing with your treasury. But this cheat is for those who DON'T care about getting an income...

  6. First build a building with using the resource you need, then select the delete button, then pause and delete the building, And Presto! You will get your refend for the building and the building won't disappear until you unpause! Cheats 1000 Resouces At the main menu, enter iloveresouces. Unlockables We have no unlockables for Stronghold 2 yet.

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