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  2. 15 Best Survival Horror Games for PC | GAMERS DECIDE

    May 01, 2018 · Gameplay Trailer. Reborn is a FPS survival horror game under development from Knife Entertainment. Based in occultism and its surrounding mysticism, Reborn visually is dark, dank, bloody, and almost overwhelming.

    • The horror, the HORROR. Horror games are a dime a dozen. Scary horror games, good horror games—well, those are much rarer. We’ve rounded up some of the best horror games ever made, running the gamut from big-budget extravaganzas released this very year to...
    • Phasmophobia. Like Left 4 Dead, Phasmophobia is a first-person, 4-person horror coop game. But while Valve’s undead shooter leans into action with guns a-blazing, Phasmophobia takes a more classical approach to terror.
    • Amnesia Rebirth. Over a decade after its debut, Frictional’s Amnesia series remain some of the most truly spine-tingling horror games available. This year, Frictional delivered a treat just in time for Halloween.
    • Blair Witch. Bloober Team put out two games in 2019, and the one I'm more enamored with isn't a great fit for this list. Layers of Fear 2 is a masterpiece of art direction, a brilliant homage to classic Hollywood that I highly recommend—but it's not scary.
    • Top 20 Survival Horror Pc Games
    • Top 20 Survival Horror Pc Games
    • Top 10 Best Survival-Horror PC Games
    • Top 10 NEW Survival Horror Games of 2018
  3. 57 Best horror games for PC as of 2020 - Slant

    Third, the world is very open, removing some of the predictability found in linear survival horror games. You never know when or where the monsters will be, causing you to always look in every direction. This uncertainty can be really nerve wracking. The Evil Within 2 is a great example of survival horror done right. See More

    • Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a cross platform survival horror game that plays in the first-person perspective. The gameplay consists of exploring...
    • Outlast is a first-person survival horror game where you play a journalist that must survive in an abandoned asylum.Outlast is a first-person surv...
    • Time sensitive chase sequences: Some of the most terrifying parts of this game is when you have to run away and make quick decisions about where to...
    • A first-person horror exploration game set in an debilitated underwater research facility known as Pathos-II. Made by the creators of Amnesia: The...
    • A survival horror title that emulates the look and feel of the 1979 film "Alien".A survival horror title that emulates the look and feel of the 197...
    • Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a first person survival horror game. You play as Ethan Winters, who is trying to look for his missing girlfriend.Resi...
    • The Forest is a single player, first person survival horror simulator game where, after a plane crash, you try to survive as long as you can in a c...
    • Corpse Party is an indie horror RPG that sees the player trying to solve the murders of their friends that are caused by accidentally performing a...
    • Alan Wake is a third-person action horror game where the player fights a dark presence in a small town.Alan Wake is a third-person action horror ga...
  4. Best Survival Horror Games of All Time | Cultured Vultures

    Jun 03, 2020 · The core gameplay fits well under the action-adventure umbrella, but the game’s sanity meter ingrained it into the history of survival horror. When a character goes insane, so, too, does the player.

    • Mark Loproto
    • Resident Evil 2 (1998)
      Resident Evil 2 (1998)
      Developer: Capcom. Publisher: Capcom. Platform(s): PC, PS1, N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast. Believe it or not, we’re not talking about the critically acclaimed 2019 remake.
    • Silent Hill 2
      Silent Hill 2
      Developer: Konami. Publisher: Konami. Platform(s): PC, PS2, Xbox. Sometimes it seems that video games are the one place where the adage “nothing beats the original” doesn’t apply.
    • Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
      Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
      Developer: Tecmo. Publisher: Tecmo. Platform(s): PS2, Xbox. In the abandoned Minakami Village, Mio and Mayu Amakura confront restless ghosts of the past in what is still one of the scariest (and best) survival horror games to date.
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    Explore games tagged Survival Horror on Subgenre of Horror, where player's character is usually more vulnerable and under-armed, usually focusing on evasion, stealth and/or puzzle-solving, rather than combat.

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  7. The 10 Best Survival Horror Games | TheGamer
    • Jeff Drake
    • Silent Hill 2. The entire Silent Hill series is a well-known survival horror franchise that began in 1999 on the PlayStation. Every entry in the series is great, but Silent Hill 2 is the game other survival horror games aspire to be.
    • Alan Wake. Alan Wake is a great survival horror game for the Xbox 360 and PC. In Alan Wake, you play as the game’s namesake, a writer of psychological thrillers, as he and his wife take a vacation in a secluded mountain town.
    • Alien Isolation. Here’s the best description available for Alien Isolation: ten minutes of anticipation followed by ten seconds of sheer terror. In Isolation, the player is trapped on a space station with a xenomorph from the Alien franchise.
    • Outlast. Outlast heavily borrows concepts from other games, but it’s such a fun game that its lack of originality is easily forgivable. The player can look through a camera with night vision capabilities to see in the dark to reveal objects that cannot be seen normally.
  8. May 23, 2020 · Amnesia is one of the best survival horror series of all time, with the first game in the series, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, proving to be one of the most terrifying games we've ever played.

    • Vic Hood
  9. The best survival games on PC for 2020 | Rock Paper Shotgun

    Nov 17, 2020 · Survival games are no longer the hottest gold rush in gaming, but there continues to be a steady drip of nourishing games and updates. Here's the best for 2020. Best PC games New PC games 2020 Black Friday Best graphics cards Best free PC games Best Minecraft shaders for 1.16.3 Best Warzone loadout for Season 6

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