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  1. Below is an explanation when dialling a number within the Tirana administrative unit: 0 4 xxx xxxx (from within the Tirana administrative unit) 0 4 xxx xxxx (from within Albania, but outside Tirana) +355 4 xxx xxxx (from outside Albania)

  2. The country calling code for Albania is +355 For domestic calls (within Albania), 0 must be dialed before the area code. The prefix for international calls from Albania is 00 (for example for an United States number 00 1 ... should be dialed). Below is an explanation when dialing a Tirana number: Dial 2xxx xxx (from within Tirana)

  3. As of 1992, Albania's telephone density was the lowest in Europe, at 1.4 units for every 100 inhabitants. Tirana accounted for about 13,000 of the country's 42,000 direct lines; Durrës , the main port city, ranked second with 2,000 lines; the rest were concentrated in Shkodër , Elbasan , Vlorë , Gjirokastër , and other towns. [1]

  4. Telephone numbers in Albania - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reader. For domestic calls (within the country), 0 must be dialled before the user number of another administrative unit. The prefix for international calls from Albania is 00 (e.g., for a United States number 00 1 ... should be dialled).

    • Medieval Period
    • Modern Period
    • Communist Period
    • Present-Day

    Albanians have an old tradition for law and regulations. Among the old laws is the Kanuni i Lek Dukagjinit, a sort of constitution respected by majority of Albanians throughout centuries. The Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini, which according to some writings was codified in the 14th century, is distinguished among several Kanuns. The Kanun has provided some level of self-government for the Albanians under foreign rule and thereby democracy has been exercised. According to the Kanun, important decisions are made by Conventions of the Elderly.

    During the National Renaissance of the 19th century, Albanians founded the League of Prizren and in the meantime a provisional government for the Albanian-speaking territories of the Ottoman Empire. The 'New Kanun' was adopted as a program and statute for the governing bodies. This is often regarded as the beginning of the modern Albanian politics and diplomacy. In 1913, Albania was recognized as an independent country, yet the European powers decided for a constitutional monarchy headed by a European monarch William of Albania. The Constitution adopted for this period did not have much effect partially due to the rebellions against the foreign king and partially due to World War I. The 1913 borders arranged by European powers left more than half of the Albanian-speaking territories outside Albania's borders. However, right after the first World War, the nation was in danger of being re-partitioned between other countries. In opposition to this, the Albanian leaders held Congress of...

    After the liberation of Albania from Nazi occupation, the communists established the Democratic Government of Albania. On 11 January 1946, the constitutionof the People's Republic of Albania was promulgated, to which amendments were adopted in 1950. It was later replaced on 28 December 1976, by the Constitution of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania. The 1976 Constitution defined Albania as a "Socialist People's Republic" (Art. 1) and a "state of the proletarian dictatorship" (Art. 2), and in a similar manner to its predecessor entrenched the rule of the Party of Labour of Albania as the leading force in the Albanian society and "the vanguard of the working class" (Art. 3). In socialist concepts, the Constitution guaranteed basic human rights and privileges to the citizen, such as tax exemption (1976 Constitution, Art. 31). State organs, the People's Assembly as the legislative organ, the Presidium of the People's Assembly as a de facto collegial head of state, and the Counci...

    The 1976 Constitution remained in effect until September 5, 1991, when a temporary basic law was passed to legalize a pluralist system and re-establish a capitalist economy in Albania. Based on this document, which defined Albania as a parliamentary republic, the new Constitution was drafted in 1998. Many drafts, such as the one proposed in 1994, failed to be ratified. The current Constitution was ratified by a popular referendum in 1998.

  5. Law Number 8577 was drafted with the help of the Venice Commission and rescinded Law Number 8373 after it came into effect. On July 22, 2016, the Parliament unanimously voted to amend the Constitution which led to changes in how the position of judge of the Constitutional Court is filled.

  6. Belgium. +32. 456. 9. Unleashed (Mobile Vikings / JIM Mobile) (or other) Users can switch carriers while keeping number and prefix (so prefixes are not tightly coupled to a specific carrier). If there is only +32.. followed by any other, shorter number, like +32 51 724859, this is the number of a normal phone, not a mobile.

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