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    What is the telephone number format in Canada?

    Did numbers in Canada?

    How many digits are Canadian phone numbers?

    What do Canadian phone numbers look like?

  2. Telephone numbers in Canada - Wikipedia

    Telephone numbers in Canada follow the fixed-length Bell System format, consisting of the country code +1, followed by a three-digit area code, a three-digit central office code and a four-digit station code. This is represented as 1 NPA NXX XXXX, in which the country code is "1". Local calls from Canadian landlines must be dialled without the leading '1', which is used as the trunk prefix for domestic long-distance calls. Toll calls from Canada to other North American Numbering Plan countries a

    • 011
    • Canada
  3. North American Numbering Plan - Wikipedia

    The vision and goal of the architects of the North American Numbering Plan was a system by which telephone subscribers in the United States and Canada could themselves dial and establish a telephone call to any other subscriber without the assistance of switchboard operators. While this required an expansion of most existing local numbering ...

  4. List of North American Numbering Plan area codes - Simple ...

    An area code is part of a telephone number in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. It is the part of the telephone number after the county code. For example, in the number 1-562-555-5555, the 1 is the country code (for the United States), and 562 is the area code. An area code is typically assigned to a state, city or region.

    205 (Birmingham, Tuscaloosa) 251 (Mobile, Jackson, Gulf Shores) 256/938 (Huntsville, Anniston, Florence) 334 (Montgomery, Dothan, Selma)
    907 (all of Alaska)
    480 (Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe) 520 (Tucson, Nogales, Bisbee) 602 (Phoenix) 623 (Glendale, Sun City, Peoria) 928 (Flagstaff, Yuma, Prescott)
    479 (Fayetteville, Fort Smith) 501 (Little Rock, Hot Springs) 870 (Pine Bluff, Jonesboro, Texarkana)
  5. List of emergency telephone numbers - Wikipedia

    Gas leakage - 1906 Tourist Helpline - 1363 Child Helpline - 1098 Disaster management - 104 Women Helpline - 181 Police - 100 Ambulance - 108 Fire brigade - 101

  6. Toll-free telephone numbers in the North American Numbering ...

    In the United States of America, Canada, and other countries participating in the North American Numbering Plan, a toll-free telephone number has one of the area codes 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. Area code 822 is expected to be used in the future, followed by 880 through 887, then 889.

  7. Telephone number - Wikipedia

    A telephone number is a sequence of digits assigned to a fixed-line telephone subscriber station connected to a telephone line or to a wireless electronic telephony device, such as a radio telephone or a mobile telephone, or to other devices for data transmission via the public switched telephone network (PSTN) or other public and private networks.

  8. 555 (telephone number) - Wikipedia

    Only 555-0100 through 555-0199 are now specifically reserved for fictional use; the other numbers have been reserved for actual assignment. The entire 555 exchange is reserved in all overlay North American toll-free area codes (800, 844, 855, 866, 877, 888) and in Canada's rarely used non-geographic area code 600 .

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  10. Canadian phone directories - White Pages, Yellow Pages ...

    The Canadian White Pages ( *) is the main residential telephone directory in Canada. To find a person or their phone number, you can also try searching directory enquiries at Canada 411 * Please note, this website is not connected to, or affiliated with the Canadian White Pages.

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