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  1. Fataluku is a Papuan language widely used in the eastern part of the country (often more so than Tetum). Both Portuguese and Tetum have official recognition under the Constitution of East Timor, as do other indigenous languages, including: Bekais, Bunak, Galoli, Habun, Idalaka, Kawaimina, Kemak, Lovaia, Makalero, Makasae, Mambai, Tokodede and ...

  2. Portuguese is spoken as a first language in Portugal (the language's namesake) by nearly all of the nation's 10.6 million people. The ancestor of modern Portuguese, Galician-Portuguese , [ clarification needed ] began developing in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula , in an area encompassing present-day northern-Portugal and Galicia , at ...

  3. Pronunciation guide: Learn how to pronounce Je cherche des souliers de course, pointure 9. in French with native pronunciation. Je cherche des souliers de course, pointure 9. translation and audio pronunciation

  4. This is the full textbook PDF for Grade 12 Chemistry. This is the 2012 Edition. The 2001 edition can be found here . This textbook is legally available to students taking this course at a school that has paid for the textbook. The full size textbook is 100M, but I've also made a compressed one that's 70M.

  5. Language Hello / general greetings; Abkhaz: Бзиа збаша (Bzia zbaşa) Бзиара убааит (Bziara ubaait) - m Бзиара ббааит (Bziara bbaait) - f Бзиара жәбааит (Bziara žəbaait) - pl: Adyghe: Фэсапщы Сэлам (inf) Afrikaans: Haai (inf) Hallo Goeie dag (frm) Akkadian (allû) (šulmu) Aklan ...

  6. 2869 changes from the parent language 'no' Norwegian (primary) / Norsk: Download 33.1 KB 801 changes from the parent language 'no' Kven / Kvääni: Download 804 bytes 8 changes from the parent language 'no' Norwegian Bokmål / Norsk - bokmål: Download 808 bytes

  7. Jun 30, 2022 · Create an obstacle course. Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course with objects you have on hand. Not only will children love the challenge, they will also be working on gross motor skills. Vary the activities such as walking, jumping, balancing, and climbing. Adapt them to the ability of your child, so they are challenging but doable.

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