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    This game introduces you a very nice character, who can become your favorite superhero. He is Akinator, a mega genie, who is able to read your mind. No, it’s not a joke, but you can see him only in this game. You can think of any character, famous more or less all over the world, and he will give the right answer about his or her name.

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    Akinator knows the problem with donation, but you are not obliged to buy products for your real money. You can do it with help of your in-app currency, though, it will take more time. Our magician isn’t so powerful, but he can do something very special – mind-reading. He can do it on his own, but you may help him by purchasing certain potions.

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    The game is based on the artificial intelligence program created by three French programmers in far 2007. The idea of the game came up to them during their trip to the East. Soon after the launch, the web app became popular worldwide. In 2010, first mobile apps representing the game appeared. Akinator is now available FOR FREE on iPhone, Android. There is another VIP version which is paid ($1.99) on the above mentioned platforms and serves the same functionality but without any ads. The web version is also free. On Windows Store there’s only a paid version ($1.99).

    Step 1. Go to or install one of the apps onto your mobile device. Enter your age and hit the Playbutton. Step 2. Think of a popular character. It might be an actor, musician, politician, sportsman, TV star, YouTuber, etc. The person may be real or fictional, e.g. a cartoon character. Step 3.Akinator will ask you a series of questions, with “Yes”, “No”, “Probably”, “Probably not” and “Don’t know” as possible answers. Answer them as frankly as possible. Here are the typical questions it asks: 1. Is your character a male? 2. Is your character a real person? 3. Is your character American? 4. Is your character living? 5. Is your character a singer? 6. Is your character into politics? 7. Is your character currently more than 30 years old? SEE ALSO: Siri Answers 60+ Funny Questions Step 4.Akinator will ask you up to 25 questions in order to guess your character in mind. SEE ALSO: How to Put Your Videos & Cartoons on DVD Disc Step 5.Then it will automatically ask if the charact...

    Akinator is quite an impressive time-killer, but the first question people ask when they encounter the game is “How does it work?”. How is it possible that a program can guess seemingly any person accurately by simply asking up to 25 basic questions. According to the site’s Frequently Asked Questions section, “Akinator uses the program Limule published by The algorithm we use is an original creation. How we created it is our little secret.” Not much information, really. But there are some clues in the game itself. In the rare instances when the game doesn’t know who you’re thinking of after a series of questions, it asks you to upload your character’s photo and name in order to add it to its database. With millions of users worldwide, it’s a good point to expand the database as much as possible.

    In the Settings, you can select the required language for the game. Akinator is supposed to speak 14 major world languages. You may also create My Worldof characters and add your characters that are not found. If your kids play Akinator, too, don’t forget to turn the children protection on. At the end of a game, once Akinator has guessed your character, you can suggest a new question for it by clicking on Add a question. You will have to enter several keywords from your question. Should your question already exists, you could select to add info to it. If your question does not appear in the list, hit Click hereto add your question and add info to it. In case you want to cheat Akinator, it will also figure this out quite easily. For example, when you randomly choose answers, the app will tell you about this. Akinator will also guess if you thought of yourself or your family members. So if you really want to defeat Akinator, think of a not so popular character and reply correctly all...

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    Played 257 273 times. Puzzle Games Quiz. Coming out of an old oil lamp, lost in the desert and revealed by the wind, Akinator, the Web Genie, speaks all the languages of the world and possesses extraordinary divination skills... Think strongly about a famous character, an object or an animal then answer the few questions of the Jinn.

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  7. Akinator, the web genie that can guess which person or character you are thinking of. Play along with me to see if you have what it takes to be a genie. Will...

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  8. The application ‘Akinator the Genie’ is internationally known for a long time, however the Android users got a chance to play it now and see with their own eyes its brilliance as a game and application too. By the way, it should be mentioned that Akinator does not guess some ‘hard’ personages from the first time.

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    Akinator VIP 7.0.8 Apk Rexdl Akinator, the Web Genie (formerly Akinator, the Web Genius) is a Twenty Question-based internet game and mobile app that can try to determine what personality the player thinks of by asking them a number of issues.

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    Akinator. Rating: 4.0. ( 1408 votes) Play Fullscreen. Akinator is a free online guessing game where the main character is trying to read your thoughts. Come and face the mighty guessing powers of the ingenious Akinator. The powerful, magical being that can deduce almost any character living or dead by simply asking you 20 questions.

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