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  1. Anxious to get some relief from the heat, and concerned about smoothing Mrs. Cohens ruffled feathers, Mr. Hardesty himself escorted Lisa to her new home: the hostel at 243 Willesden Lane, in Willesden Green, a twenty-minute taxi ride from the Bloomsbury House. Willesden Green was an older neighborhood of large

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  2. The Children of Willesden Lane students will acquire historical knowledge and develop their skills in critical analysis, historical thinking, music appreciation, and synthesis. The interactive activities will develop students’ transliteracies— “… the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools, and media…”1

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  4. May 25, 2002 · This is a delightful read for any readers interested in the power to overcome as well as family, history, WWII, music, piano, strength, resiliency, hope, courage and oh so much more that is positive about humanity will enjoy this sweet read. Shed a few tears even as I knew the final outcome which shows the power of the story. Read, weep, and enjo

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  5. The Children of Willesden Lane is the powerful true story of Lisa Jura, who fled Nazi-occupied Vienna on the Kindertransport as a child. Jura was one of 10,000 young refugees who were separated from her parents and brought to England for safety before World War II.

  6. The Children of Willesden Laneis a powerful memoir of music, hope and survival set in europe during the holocaust. in the book, authors Mona golabek and lee cohen tell the story of lisa Jura, golabek’s mother. in 1938, 14-year-old lisa was an amazing young musician who dreamed of becoming a concert pianist.

  7. The Children of Willesden Lane3 C ontents Message from the Milken Family Foundationby Lowell Milken and Jane Foley 4 Foreword by Margot Stern Strom 6 Introduction to The Children of Willesden Lane 8 About the Book and the Author 8 Companion CD to The Children of Willesden Lane 8 Teacher’s Resource 9 Historical Context 11 Pre-Reading Activities 14

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