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  1. Sri Lankan daily newspaper published in Colombo. Daily FT (Financial Times) Colombo based newspaper featuring business, economic, finance, sports, and political news. Sunday Times. Published by Wieya newspapers Ltd featuring sports (cricket, football, etc), business, entertainment, weather, and more. Sunday Observer

  2. Sep 10, 2022 · Sinhala coolies are exporting themselves to every country (that will take them) to be toilet cleaners. The sinhala women are per news reports being used as sex slaves or in prostitution after being lured overseas on employment pretexts. (Karam for the rapes and murders of tamils by the sinhala armed forces).

  3. Aug 24, 2022 · There appear to be more untruths regarding the disbanding of the Aragalaya. Al Jazeera (22 July 2022) reports that “the military in Sri Lanka has taken control of the presidential secretariat in Colombo, after what members of the country’s months-long protest movement described as a ‘brutal assault’ and that soldiers overnight also destroyed tents at the adjacent GotaGoGama protest ...

  4. Sri Lanka News Reports, updated regularly. Oct 1 (Island) The House of Commons has been told that the UK govt is exploring the possibility of imposing sanctions on Sri Lanka’s Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Shavendra Silva and other members of the military.The UK has reiterated its readiness to use what Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) Minister Jesse Norman called ...

  5. "Sri Lanka Thaaye", the Tamil version of the Sri Lankan national anthem, is an exact translation of "Sri Lanka Matha", the Sinhala version, and has the same music. Although it has existed since independence in 1948 it was generally only sung in the north and east of the country where the Tamil language predominates.

  6. El término genocidio hace referencia a la destrucción sistemática y deliberada de un grupo étnico, racial o nacional ya sea de todo el grupo o de una parte de éste. El término tuvo su aparición en 1944 y fue utilizado por el jurista polaco Raphael Lemkin. Éste se encuentra definido en el artículo 2 de la Convención para la Prevención y la Sanción del Delito de Genocidio (CPSDG) de ...

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