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  1. Sep 15, 2022 · The martyrdom of the Virgin is set forth both in the prophecy of Simeon and in the actual story of our Lord’s Passion. The holy old man said of the infant Jesus: He has been established as a...

  2. by St. Alphonsus Liguori TAKEN FROM THE VICTORIES OF THE MARTYRS Discourse 1: Mary Queen of Martyrs, Part 1 Mary is the Queen of Martyrs, for her Martyrdom was longer and greater than that of all the Martyrs. WHO can ever have a heart so hard that it will not melt on hearing the most lamentable event that once occurred in the world?

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  4. The word "apostle" means to be sent forth. After Jesus commissioned the Twelve to tell the world about His death and Resurrection, He left the Blessed Virgin Mary to help them. Two places in Scripture highlight the special place Jesus gave to Mary over the 12 apostles. First, while Christ is hanging on the Cross, Scripture says, "When Jesus saw ...

  5. Jesus is the Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, virginally begotten in time by Mary. He states that, “Christ, the Son of God, first existed before the morning star and the moon, yet deigned to become Incarnate, and be born of this Virgin of the family of David” (Dial. 45, 4). Thus, he affirms the dual nature of Christ, co-eternal ...

  6. Feb 5, 2023 · This holy virgin and martyr, St Agatha, is held in great veneration by the Greek as well as the Latin Church; and although her original Acts have not been preserved, many well-authenticated facts concerning her martyrdom are found in the Bollandists, Surius, and others. St Agatha was a native of Sicily, and descended of a noble and opulent family.

  7. Mary and Martyrdom Apr 28 2015 By Chris Sparks There is an ancient saying in the Church, stemming from the writings of the Church Father Tertullian: "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church."

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